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Sim2 CX3 Lite - Not Working - Free to a good home

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Item:             Sim2 Cx3 Lite 3-chip Projector 
Location:     Melbourne Eastern Suburbs 
Price:           FREE 
Item Condition:     Not working 
Reason for selling:    Replacing after a long useful life 
Payment Method:      N/a 
Extra Info:     



After a long useful life I am replacing my old Sim2 Cx3 3-chip DLP projector.   The fan was playing up for a long while and ultimately ceased to function.   I did look around to see if there was anyone around to repair it but Sim2 have moved their distributor so many times no-one really wants to touch these old projectors.   One guy, who was the Sim2 service guy at one point, had a look at it.   He seemed to think it could be more than just the fan but he didn't want to try fix it - and apparently parts are a pain to get out of Sim2 in Italy.   


So that's full disclosure.  If I don't get any takers, I am taking it down the road to the electronic recyclers, but I thought I would at least post it on here in case anyone wants it for parts or to have a go fixing it.   If you are not in Melbourne, I am happy to ship it, but I am not paying for shipping as its not going to cost me anything to recycle.   





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