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SOLD: FS: (PRICE DROP) TASCAM DV-RA1000 CD Player/Recorder

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Item:  Tascam DV-RA1000 CD player/recorder
Location:  Melbourne
Price:  $700 $550.
Item Condition:  Excellent.  Original packaging and manual included.
Reason for selling:  NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:  Tascam recently released a new cassette deck.  This is way better than a cassette deck.  I used to have a Nakamichi Dragon, this is better than that.  It records CDs at 16/44.1 bits.  It can also record at 24bits 192hz
 but only on DVD+R. 


I am told by Nik at Audiophile that this unit makes a great CD player, as good as CD players costing way more than it's RRP ($1500) at the time.  I never used it as a CD player.  I only used it to burn vinyl onto about 150 CDs.  It has not had much use.


It was recently fully serviced and cleaned by Nik.  This would be way better than an equivalent CD player at this price. 


All my sales have a 7 day money back Guarantee, if returned in the condition I sold it. 



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Can a portable hard drive be plugged into the usb port to record CDs onto and then play them from the hard drive? 

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4 hours ago, fenda said:

Can a portable hard drive be plugged into the usb port to record CDs onto and then play them from the hard drive? 

No.  The USB port is purely for copying data onto CD. 


You will need to use computer software to rip the CD to a hard drive.  Freeware like Perfect Copy or commercial firmware like JRiver.  I've used JRiver for years.  It will also play the file on ethernet.  The JRiver sound is comparable to Roon.

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      Hi Stereonetters,
      Today I purchased for NZD$1 (deemed as E-Waste) two Tascam 112R MK II Cassette Decks - I am looking for someone in NZ that can assess and repair at least one of them. One of decks powers up but when I play a tape it goes into Record Pause Mode. Neither Play, FF or RW is functioning. I contacted Fred at Retrotronics in Auckland but he does not repair he prefers to buy, restore and sell his own equipment which is understandable. I am based in Hamilton New Zealand and the repairer could use parts from one to the other or repair both... after paying out $1 I'm happy to throw some coin into this job could even give one of the decks to the repairer if they want to have one for themselves...as long as I get my one up and going. Parts available from https://tascamninja.com 
      Let me know if you a guy or gal up for the job, cheers William.

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