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Sh*t the Bed Chili Sauce

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Is anyone else enjoying Sh*t the Bed Chili Sauce - https://www.bunstersworldwide.com.au/pages/hotsauce?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuIntr_Dm2wIVRYmPCh3FIArYEAAYASAAEgKZ6fD_BwE


I got a selection of strengths a few months ago and can't really go past the 12/10.  I gave my bottle of Brown (!) Label to a friend who says he smears only a little on his food.  I still have a bottle of Black Label left.  I defy anyone to say they enjoy it.  Perhaps I can use it for the drains instead of Drano.

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red Habanero coming along nicely, bit late this year.



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