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Wire size between crossover and speakers

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Good evening All

Been giving thought to maybe I would get an improvement if there is an increase in the interconnect wires between the crossover and the terminals of the speakers,currently wire diameter is O.D 1.5 mm, inner wire O.D 0.75mm

It just seems remarkably small wires in place , in know with fluids an increase connecting hoses will improve performance (of course the end use will determine if its an improvement),would there be an improvement if the wire diameter was increased ?

If so, what recommendations for sizing or wire type ?

This is on a pair of Wharfdale E50 speakers ,which I'm reviving.

Cheers everyone

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It depends on your speakers impedance variations at different frequencies [at some frequencies your speakers will be asking MORE from your amp that at others], combined with your amps ability to fore fill those power needs at those frequencies that will be the biggest thing that determines how well the two match.


Speaker cable can either help or worsen this marriage depending on it's it own capacitance, resistance and Inductance.


Length of run between amp and speaker, and average lowest Impedance of the speaker are the two things most needed to know.


From my trials with speaker cables [When the topic first reared it's head in HiFi Answers back in the early 80's].....If you speakers are rated a a nominal 4 Ohm's and your amp is close enough to only need 1-3m of wire to connect the two......don't laugh, try it first.....just try some thin Solid Core wire you can get from Jaycar, it's cheap enough to get several gauges to try.....you might be surprised with the results.


When you find a wire you like in this manner, then you use the spec sheet from Jaycar to narrow the choice of what is best for your Amp/speaker......to be honest, money is best kept in pocket when it comes to speaker cables once you know what works......Far too much Snake oil about.

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