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Timbo's System

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I haven't got a great deal of space so things tend to rotate but this is what I have been using for the last few months. I make my own cables using Neutrik/Rean NYS373 RCA connectors.


Current setup:


Pioneer SA-7500 - Amplifier

Recapped. New speaker terminals, next step is to replace the RCA terminals. Fantastic integrated amplifier!


Pioneer PL-55 - Turntable

Auto-return direct drive. Various cartridges including original Pioneer PC-50 (waiting for a PC-Q1 stylus), Audio Technica AT95E and EX, AT100E, ADC XLM mkII, ADC K8 (great for used records), Shure M44-7 (waiting for an eliptical stylus, not overly fond of it as is).


Pioneer PD-6300 - CD Player

Cost me $5! It's fine, trying to find a higher end model or a Philips with a CDM4 mech. Had a Marantz but never like the sound.


Tascam 122mkII - Cassette Deck

Ex-ABC. Had to re-cap the motor board which is pretty normal and replace idle tyres.


Nakamichi 582 - Cassette Deck

Beautiful machine with classic transport.


DBX 228

Type II Tape/Disc Noise Reduction System & Dynamic Range Expander


Sansui LM-330 - Speaker (see pic)

Somewhat odd 2-way with a 10" woofer and tweeter mounted on radiating baffle. Recapped with Jantzen Cross-Caps. Fiberglass replaced with acoustic foam.



Other gear:


CEC BD-3200 (see pic)

Gutted to full manual and in custom hardwood plinth.


Yamaha EQ-550

Was part of a second set-up for some funky spectrum display!


Sansui AT-202

System timer, as above.


Sansui 661 receiver

Full re-cap, new fuses, new lamps. Currently in my dads system.


Pioneer A-7 amplifier

Great sounding amp, more of a back-up.


Pioneer CS-77A (see pic)

Cabinets refinished, crossovers re-capped, tweeters re-foamed, new grill cloth and fiberglass replaced with acrylic dampening.


Needs work:


Nakamichi HIGHCOM II

Noise reduction unit, needs a re-cap.


Pioneer HPM-60 (see pic)

Completely refinished just waiting on new 10" driver as it was cooked by:


NAD Model 300 receiver

MONSTER! 20 something kilos of awesome! Needs work as right channel damaged one of the HPM's :(








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Nakamichi HIGHCOM II

Noise reduction unit, needs a re-cap.


HighCom noise reductions brings me old memory back in early 80s and supposedly it is best noise reduction system for any cassette players. Iirc, this was this was developed by Telefunken.

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22 hours ago, vinilink said:

Nakamichi HIGHCOM II

Noise reduction unit, needs a re-cap.


this was this was developed by Telefunken.

You are indeed correct. Far superior to any other NR I have used. My unit is suffering from the Nakamichi orange cap issue.

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