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M8audio at the Sydney Audio Club

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I am pleased to announce I will be presenting the M8audio 'Sweet Maxwell' speakers at the June 2018 Sydney Audio Club meeting. A very special thanks to Tom Waters and Edgar Kramer for setting this up!


For more information on the speakers, head over to our website or check out this review on 6moons.com

The Sweet Maxwells will be driven by well respected high-end components such as:

  • Classe CP-800 preamp/processor
  • Plinius Reference Power Amp
  • Technical Brain Integrated Amplifier TB-ZERO EX INT
  • Bricasti Design M1 DAC
  • Oppo BDP-105D multi-format player


Guests are welcome! The Sydney Audio Club is very friendly and you don't need to know anyone to join for an afternoon of great music and sound.


When and Where:

Sunday 17th June 2018, Doors open 1 pm with the meeting starting at 2 pm.

Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park
26 Stanley Road, Epping


Hope to see you there!

Mark Thomsen, M8audio


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If my question was 'why is there a picture of popcorn with your crossover?' .... I'm not sure you've answered it  :)


... but, no matter.   Nice speakers!

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