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Anyone have experience/views on the Grimm LS1 speakers or even own a pair in Oz? I'm liking what I read about them, and see them as a potential alternative to all-in-one active systems such as the Kii Three & Dutch & Dutch 8c. The issue is that the nearest Grimm dealer is in Hong Kong, so getting a demo of these is not so simple.


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I heard these in Munich, knowing nothing about the brand and having never seen them before.

I took little notice of the specifics given the time constraints but the name rang a bell right away when I read your post.


Their room in Munich was beautiful and you can tell they have a real eye for design and detail.


Sorry that I can't offer a lot except that I was most impressed by my brief encounter. I've always enjoyed Seas drivers so it's not surprising.

Virgin always have cheap HK flights ... make a holiday out of it?






They look much nicer in the flesh.

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Appreciate the response Marc. Great pics there. Thinking you're a very lucky man to have attended Munich - even a trip to Melbourne for this year's Hifi show was denied by the powers that be. :( Cheers!

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