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SOLD: FS: MAS CP 1 Pure Class A pre amp.

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Item: Metaxis Audio CP-1Preamplifier
Location: Mosman
Price: 350
Item Condition: Good 
Reason for selling: not currently used in my main set up.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal+3%, or as friend, COD Only
Extra Info: Costas Mataxis designed and quite possibly built this CP-1 in the eighties.

It is functionally in good working order and cosmetics are good too. Has plenty of inputs including phono.

MAS amps are highly regarded  and this represents an opportunity to acquire a piece of Australian audio history, as much as a simple but authoritative class A pre amp. Pick up preferred but can post if needed

Comes with a separate power supply with proprietary connector at the rear.








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    • By MixedBag
      Item: The Beatles 
      Location: Bayside, Melbourne 
      Price: $900 ONO (reasonable offers only please)
      Item Condition: Vinyl NM, Box/cover VG+
      Reason for selling: Someone else will appreciate this more...
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, or bank transfer
      Extra Info:
      An Original Master Recording
      UHQR by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
      Limited edition no. 2079 (of 5000)
      No certificate of authenticity unfortunately.
      Will be posted with signature for $25, Australia wide.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By pdcoo7
      Item: Naim Intro 2 speakers
      Location: Mosman
      Price: $550 400
      Item Condition: used
      Reason for selling: clearing excess gear
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal+3% or as Friend, COD Only
      Extra Info: Naim Intro 2 speakers are an interesting 2 cabinet design with a 10” bass driver mounted on top and a classic Scanspeak 1” soft domed tweeter in the bottom cabinet to give a spacious full range sound with unsurpassed clarity and detail. Unfortunately due to careless storage, the bottom edge of one of the speakers has swollen due to moisture uptake. Swelling is confined to the two bottom corners (see photos) which have been fully sealed. Overall the speakers are still quite presentable for their age and will delight their new owner especially when coupled with a Naim amp as I had with the NAP 160 (listing soon)



    • By Diynamic
      Item: records 
      Price: varies
      Item Condition:excellent 
      Reason for selling: generous
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Catherine Wheel - chrome. Record n/m  $100(sold)
      The sports -suddenly $45  n/m 
      The Adverts - crossing the Red Sea with the adverts n/m $50
      postage welcome or pick up in menora 


    • By Xecuter
      Item: DAC: Forsell air reference
      Location: QLD: Sunshine coast - can deliver to SEQ as I have meetings in Brisbane and gold coast coming up.
      Price: $2100 ono PLUS FREIGHT
      Item Condition: EXCELLENT
      Reason for selling: TOO MUCH STUFF
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank trasfer etc
      Very, very nice DAC. I preferred this to the ps audio DS dac, yggy, sfd-1, pavane, dave and many others double or triple the price.
      UNIT IS MASSIVE, wider than most rack width, amazing condition, only problem is the feet on it are a bit sticky?
      I have mine sitting on isolation pods.
      Peter Forsell (the mad dentist) created the forsell air transport which is regarded by many as the best transport ever made - albeit it required a hydraulic air pump and was prone to expensive repair bills due to its sensitive and sophisticated mechanism.
      It was designed to be paired with this DAC for a top of the line digital system to compete with 30k analogue systems. The transport and DA are highly sort after in asia due to their wonderful tonality (slight warmth and bloom bust still maintaining bite and detail).
      The story goes that he wanted to create a dac and transport because he was not happy with the high end available at the time. He used his vast wealth and resources as the owner of a near billion dollar medical tech company to build this gear, then promptly stopped manufacturing for the public.
      This dac is very similar in design and sound the the Bremen no1. Which is Donald Norths favourite DA: http://www.dnaudio.com/Bremen big pic.htm
      I fell in love with this dac when I heard it with this incredible system in Singapore in the Adelphi. sft-1>forsell>kagura pre and power amp > pro ac d100
      Feel free to ask any questions!
    • By Woof Dog
      Item: EOI
      Linn Sondek LP12 Serial Number 1348 built in 1974. Turntable is signed by Linn Founder and Executive Chairman Sir Ivor Tiefenbrun alongside the serial number and also on the internal side of the plinth in two places.
      The turntable holds a SME 3009 tone-arm (Serial number 241344) and had the Valhalla powerboard fitted in 1982. 
      Overall condition is very good and is complete including the smoke tint lid, further photos are available on request over the weekend to those with a serious interest. Specific photographs can also be arranged as required. Please note the turntable has been dismantled and packaged for transport.
      This LP12 is easily one of the oldest ever made available for sale in Australia, Ivor personally helped me verify the signatures and researched the serial numbers from the deck, tone-arm and powerboard. He is aware of the turntable's existence, his signatures that adorn it and the reason it is being put up for sale. Accompanying the  turntable and included as part of the sale is Ivor's signed personal business card.
      Sub 2000 serial number LP12's are nigh on impossible to find, having one signed by the company founder even rarer. This is truly one for the collector and you know this, that said it will be sold with all proceeds going towards Cancer Research, there is no personal gain to myself. Please read the "Reason for Selling" to understand why.
      Expressions of interest are sought via PM by serious buyers only, just to be clear a $2000 offer will not be seeing this turntable in your possession and it will be advertised on other sites - although has been listed here first, again this turntable will be sold, if you want it get in touch. Here is a link to the photos.....

      Location: Perth, Western Australia
      Price: EOI $2500
      Item Condition: Very good Overall
      Reason for selling: Again, all funds raised will be donated to Cancer Research via the Cancer Council of Australia - this is not for personal gain in any way.
      My brother and I lost our Mother aged 63 to Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2012, that was horrible....... but in 2014 his 3 year old son was diagnosed with Leukaemia and, well, it just couldn't get any worse. Thankfully It didn't, my nephew beat this god forsaken disease and has been in remission for the last couple of years.
      40+ years ago (when this LP12 was built) Leukaemia was a death sentence and it has only been through research that kids now have a fighting chance, having hope is more important than anything else when you get that sort of news from a doctor. As a family our way of giving back is clear, as brothers we applied to be part of the Shitbox Rally for the 2019 run from Perth to Sydney. Fundraising is what it is all about and well we thought that rather than ask people for money we should sell items we owned but where not using.
      The absolute irony in all of this?  I bought this turntable from an elderly customer of mine at Woof Dog Records, he approached me knowing I have a passion for analogue and I just had to have this special LP12, wasn't going to use it other than for display. After I paid him he told me the money was being used to fund his wife's medical treatment. The following week our application to be part of the 2019 Shitbox rally was approved, I had completely forgotten about the rally application at that time. I instantly knew that the best thing to do with this rare Linn was to help us raise as much money as we possibly can. This deck is only being sold so other parents, other families, other people get the chance to hang onto hope when their world crashes down with a cancer diagnosis. Research is hope.
      I have listened to some amazing audio systems over the years, intricate in detail, depth of sound to die for and clarity equal in purity to the worlds best diamonds. None, not one of these, will ever reproduce the sound of (nor have the impact of) being faced with a father doubled over in distress, weeping without control in the hallway of a children's oncology ward. His wife and their  young child who had just been given weeks to live just couldn't see this proud man literally fall to the ground in absolute distress. That sound will always stick with me, that sound defies description, that sound is the sound of no hope, that sound is the reason this turntable is for sale.  
      This Linn Sondek LP12 is going to help give someone hope one day, if you buy this you are making a difference to someone you probably don't know, someone who may not even be conceived yet! If sold through this forum a donation will also be made to the site in recognition and I guess just to say thanks for it being here. Thank you for reading this.

      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, EFTPOS  or Direct Debit. To be discussed.
      Extra Info: A Dropbox file link with extensive photographs will be established over the weekend and made available to interested parties.

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