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Tone Malone

TV antenna recommendation please!

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Having been on the roof, I've diagnosed that our TV antenna is "stuffed" ... dodgy connections, corrosion etc. We've had some intermittent reception issues and it looks like it's a likely culprit. While we might be able to "recondition" it, I'm just going to bite the bullet and get a new one.


That said, I haven't seen many recommendations for roof antennas. Are they "all the same?" I've heard Hills are a good brand but little else.


We live in inner west Sydney, there are no high rises around us but more high apartment blocks are going in. FTA digital

TV is the priority; if I can get one that also improves (in order of priority) DAB+, FM and AM, so much the better.


Can any one recommend good models to go for?


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I am also in the inner west and can recommend this service having used them myself to rectify aerial problems in the block of units in which I live and having also referred another resident here at a later time.  They were prompt and thoroughly professional.  I am not on commission and have no other affiliation with them than being a very satisfied customer.

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Live in Melbourne, so cannot suggest anyone in Sydney.  Highly recommend getting a professional to provide and  install the antenna rather than get a one from Bunnings e.g Hills.  A professional can match your signal with the appropriate good quality antenna, check the wiring and measure the end result at each of your end points.  Yes, it costs more, but you will get hassle free TV reception.  Plus, you do not have to climb up to the roof, which is always risky...


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3 hours ago, Tone Malone said:

inner west Sydney

Check your address here, then site will provide appropriate info for your area;






If you're planning on DIY, then get a signal meter.


JSmith :ninja:

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