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SOLD: FS: Audio Research SP20 Pre Amp Silver

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Item: Audio Research SP20 Pre Amp including phono stage Silver 
Location: Sydney
Price: $4,900
Item Condition: Excellent condition, no marks or scratches, total hours used about 1200, although the remote control has a couple of small buff marks.
Reason for selling: Upgrading
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only
Extra Info:

Comes with box and manual.
Purchased new in Australia. 

Please contact me for further information


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Very nice. Definitely one of their offerings that didn't receive the attention it deserved given its great sound. GLWTS.

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    • By Goatboy
      Item: PS Audio GCPH Phono Stage
      Location: Blue Mountains NSW - can post
      Price: $700
      Item Condition: Very Good (minor marks consistent with age)
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      For sale is the excellent and versatile PS Audio GCPH phono stage. I have owned this for around six years and it has performed flawlessly. Moving it on after acquiring a new phono stage  up the chain, which has demonstrated just how good these units are. 
      The GCPH is in the 'easy to use' category of phono stages, ie. the switches are all on the outside of the box making it reasonably straight forward to make adjustments. On the front is a mono / stereo switch, phase option and a volume control. Gain and loading are accessed at the rear of the unit. Gain options include: 48/54/60/66dB and loading options are: 100 / 500 / 1k / 47k. There is also the choice between RCA or balanced outputs. 
      A remote control (never used) is included and can be plugged directly into a power amp, and with the volume adjustment the unit can be used as a preamplifier.
      The GCPH has a loyal following, and they don't come up for sale too often. There are plenty of positive reviews about the unit and forum chatter. 
      I have the original packaging which includes the manual and remote. Happy to post at buyer's cost.

    • By LukevanO
      Item: Audio Research VSi60, Martin Logan EM-ESLs (pair), Auralic mini, power conditioning and all cabling
      Location: Fitzroy, VIC 3065
      Price: $5000 for the lot (prefer no split)
      Item Condition: Excellent all round, Auralic a bit yellowed from sun.
      Reason for selling: Cashflow crisis
      Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash, COD Only
      Extra Info: Amp and speakers were listed separately, now throwing in the other items to get this sold,  due to a cashflow crisis (still ongoing!) forcing me to part with the system I always dreamed of. It’s all boxed up now at my home for quick sale, all in perfectly sweet working order, looks as new - with the exception of the Auralic mini. Really can’t deal with organizing shipping but am happy for an intermediary to hand over cash and collect for a courier. Sorry- lots going on! The amp alone is worth the $5k 🤦🏼‍♂️
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By GroovyGuru
      A completely new direction for me, so I'm starting a new thread.  Adding this to the old thread did not make sense. 
      Said I'd stay away from valve pwr amps; and had reservations about horns, but stuff comes up and I made a change to what I never envisaged.  It sounds good, but still more changes to come.  
      From Magneplanar 20.7 to Trio XD.  From AVM MA 8.2 to AR Ref 160M.  From Koetsu Onyx to Ortofon MC Anna.  The Onyx had a low output resulting in the phonostage running out of gain on the MG20.7.  The MC Anna has even lower output, but luckily the change to Trio XD gives me plenty of gain to easily cover the low output of the MC Anna. 
      For over two decades I have not been happy with my analog set up.  It has under performed.   I think I needed to use a step up transformer for the Onyx and have the Onyx retipped by Koetsu.  With the MC Anna I love my analog sound. 
      The Trio is not flat to 100hz.  The REL does not go much above 120hz.  We have a problem Houston.  No midbass in the current setup.  I've been moving the subs around, but there is no cure for component limitations. (See Later, I changed Trio setup).
      These pictures are ugly, but I'm an audiophile not a bloomin' home decorator. 
      The setup is Ortofon MC Anna on Graham 1.5t on Aura tt.  AR ph8 phonostage. AR Ref 6 preamp. AR Ref 160M pwr amp. Trio XD maiin speakers. REL 212se subs.  Cables are Audioquest and Synergistic Research.  Two dedicated 20A circuits and 2 dedicated 15A circuits.  Custom fuses on any component that needs them.  They do reduce noise floor. 


    • By Realrift
      Item: Audio Research D400 Mkii Power Amp, 200W/channel @8ohm
      Location: Brisbane
      Price: $1800
      Item Condition: Very good for age
      Reason for selling: Downsizing audio equipment
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Link to Audio Research specs:
      ARCDB - D400
      I have owned this powerful solid state amp for many years. It can handle pretty much any speaker you wish to play with it. Its now a bit big for my needs and doesn't get used much. There is thin vertical scratch on the left sidefront fascia. It may be able to be polished out. I have left it alone as it doesn't affect the sound.
      This a 240v model.
      Happy to demo for anyone interested.

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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