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Are pre amps required?

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1 hour ago, Steffen said:

All components in the signal path will necessarily introduce noise or distortion or phase shift or any combination of those. No manufacturer, no matter how lofty their brand name, can escape this fact. In quality audio gear a large amount of effort (and expense) goes towards minimising the damage to the signal caused by the unavoidable components – unavoidable because they perform a required function like voltage gain or current boost. There is no point in introducing components into the signal path that have no function, like no-gain amplifiers.

This is interesting , I also thought that minimalist design like Pass Labs was the way to go but then you see inside something like an Accuphase amp, there's bucket loads of components.......


Impedance matching is one area that I'm thinking it could be beneficial as in my case my DAC signal is split between 2 power amps so the loading on the DAC gets quite low.

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