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FS: LCD3 Headphones

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Item: LCD3 Headphones
Location: Brisbane
Price: $1800 open to resonable offers. 
Item Condition:Excellent
Reason for selling: Finally sorted out my Utopia’s and the LCD3’s are now surplus to my needs
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

Pulled these from sale recently due to some issues with amp pairings with my newly acquired Utopias. All that is sorted now and it’s time to put some money back in the kitty to buy some more toys. These are in excellent condition having just had the drivers updated to the post 2016 versions. Headphones are still under warranty with almost three years on the drivers and over two years on the rest. Purchased from an Australian distributor and receipt will be supplied. Save $$$$$ on new, these are in excellent condition complete with all original documentation and accessories.





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Looks Stunning... Very Trust-worthy seller and buy with confidence. GLWS :) 

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Motivated seller, open to resonable offers.

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    • By WedgeBiggs
      Item: Audeze LCD-XC
      Location: Inner West Sydney
      Price: $980 for quick sale
      Item Condition: 9/10 or 7/10 depending on your point of view (see below)
      Reason for selling: Raising funds
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: No trades please. Pick up preferred, but can ship.
      The Audeze LCD-XC are among the best closed back headphones in existence. Bass is superb, and sound stage is surprisingly big for a closed back (you sometimes forget it's not an open back).
      The reason for the sharp price is that the earpads (which cost $158 to replace; I would recommend the vegan suede!) show some signs of wear, as pictured. It is on the outer edge of the outside, and has ZERO impact on sound quality.
      So if you are willing to overlook the visual flaw and focus on the music, this would be a great bargain for you.
      The headphone is otherwise in excellent condition (9/10). It comes with the pelican travel case, cleaning kit and stock 1/4" cable. 
      FYI - the link to the replacement earpads is here: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/audeze-replacement-ear-pads?variant=16063924675
      One more thing - I can work out a special deal if bought together with the Auralic Gemini 1000 - which partner wonderfully with the LCD-XC. The Gemini was previously driving my HE-1000V2 very well, and therefore is more than well equipped to handle the LCD-XC. The Gemini ad is here:


    • By Fririce
      Item: Audeze LCD-4 200ohm in Cocobolo Wood

      Location: Melbourne

      Price:  $3750+postage (RRP $6399) Reasonable offers account 

      Item Condition: Excellent condition 

      Reason for selling: Funds needed elsewhere 

      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal+3%, COD Only, Direct Deposit

      Extra Info: The earcup wood on these LCD-4’s is the now unavailable cocobolo wood, not the ebony of the current production LCD-4’s. 
        Headphones come with all original accessories and packaging.
        In excellent condition with roughly 900-1000 hours use, headphones were sent back to Audeze roughly 2 months ago to have the drivers swapped from the 100ohm version to the current 200ohm version. The new drivers are only just burnt in with roughly 200 hours use on them.  No signs of wear and are roughly 1 year old.
        Pickup available from either Melbourne CBD or Sunbury. Postage can be arranged at cost. Postal insurance and express postage available. 
                      Feel free to contact me for more information.    Cheers -Matt   edit: additional pics edit2: price drop
    • By MumaMia
      Item: Audeze iSine 20 Headphones/Earphones
      Location: Melbourne, Victoria
      Price: $600 $550
      Item Condition: Excellent besides marks on cipher cable (shown in images). I am the second owner.
      Reason for selling: They really are as good as you read online but I just won't be using them enough to justify keeping them.
      Payment Method: Pickup or shipped (+$8.50)
      Extra Info: Comes with all original packaging and accessories. 

    • By dualsyste
      Item: Audeze iSine10
      Location: Townsville, QLD (will ship anywhere in AU)
      Price: $400 ono
      Item Condition: Perfect. ~50 hours of use.
      Reason for selling: Looking to upgrade to endgame.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Purchased from Addicted to Audio in June 2017. Absolutely love the sound signature, but looking for something that is a bit more walk-aroundable and closed back (I fly a lot).

       Very careful with my things so they are unmarked and as close to perfect as you'd get. Has only ever seen use in my office.
      Comes with - Groovy Tips / Hooks.
      Doesn't come with - Original box, smaller in-ear hook (it snapped so I threw it out).
      Any additional photos from any angles can be sorted.


    • By Sir Sanders Zingmore
      Item:         Audeze LCD-X Headphones
      Location: Melbourne
      Price:       $1,100
      Item Condition: Excellent 
      Reason for selling: Not getting enough use
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal,
      Extra Info:
      Superb headphones. Glorious open sound with clear highs and beautiful mids and bass
      New price is around $2,400
      Very easy to drive. I've been driving these with a Chord Mojo but they can easily be driven direct from your phone and actually sound remarkably good.
      I'll be listing the Mojo separately but if you want to buy as a package I'll do a deal