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Vinyl records

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Item: Over 500 LP
Price: $1500 ono
Item Condition:good to very good
Reason for selling:NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only
Extra Info:Over 500 LPs, including 11x10", 50x45 rpm

Many different types of music - Classical includes Deutsche Grammorphon,Deca, Teldec .

                                                       - Original stage production and sound tracks

                                                       - 60-80s contemporary music, folks and jazz

                                                       - rare records

Local pick-up only from Haymarket,Sydney


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May find a lot-job buyer yet, however I reckon chances would be greater if split into smaler lots 50-100 records, maybe grouped by genre... More work, etc -of course- but would be a much easier and quicker sale...

Impressive looking collection nonetheless.


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Thanks for the advice.

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