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SOLD: FS Native American Flute F#

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Item: Southern Cross Native American Flute Black Walnut F#
Location: Brunswick Heads NSW
Price: $400 including postage
Item Condition: New never used
Reason for selling:Not used
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

This beautiful flute was made to order by Todd, founder of Southern Cross Flutes NZ [ https://www.southerncrossflutes.com ], a consumate craftsman and world class flute maker. It was bought as a gift for someone but due to unforeseen circumstance they never received it, so totally new except for one play by a friend of mine to check the sound, which is exquisite! In the key of F# [which corresponds to the heart chakra for those interested]! the flute is made from American Black Walnut a dense, resonant, hardwaearing hardwood but is incredibly light thanks to the fine crafting. The swirling, spiralling striations of darker grain have been brought out beautifully in the crafting and Todd liked the piece of wood so much he used the entire length to retain the markings making the flute slightly longer than usual with holes for the four directions at the end to retain lightness. Comes with cloth case and owners manual, new cost landed was $650. Will be extremely well packed and sent with tracking  .














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Wow, what a beautiful piece of workmanship.

I hope you find a buyer for this and it gets well used.


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Thank you, yes I feel the same it deserves to sing. 

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