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Looking to get some parties started

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due to some current injuries from music I am working on events and starting a community. 


Basically, I want to create a community that is based around going to events and parties but is also there so people can meet one another. 


It's aptly named MusicEvent.com.au, though for the time being I will be running this from meetup as that's the best way to get people out of the house.


I'm new to events promotion and events in general but am keen to see if there's anyone on here I can relate with and maybe have a chat about getting something started.


If you're a member of meetup you can check the group here meetup.com/musicevent. The group is brand new so not many people on board, yet, but that will change over time. 

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Can't say I've ever been injured by music, but I have been spiritually healed by it on many occasions. Probably well past parties, unless it's my own, but getting together to enjoy music is a noble thing

enjoyed by many of us here. We call it GTG and it gets us out of our house and into somebody else's.

Getting together to enjoy some real live music is even better and can go all the way to off the meter. I've checked your site and I think it is great. Any effort made to support live performers would be encouraged by most of us here and your site is duly bookmarked so I can check in from time to time. Good stuff.

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