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Does anybody know somewhere that does repairs on super tweeters, the brand is Grant.


Any assistance would be helpful.


Thanks in advance.





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Look online for speaker repairers and also spare parts for those tweeters. 


If parts are are still available usually the tweeter dome and coil assembly around it can be removed and replaced, otherwise the break in the small wire might be reconnected.

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It is a ribbon tweeter and it may  need a replacement ribbon from Grant Fidelity or the Australian agents. Check all the connections and the crossovers for continuity just in case the fault lies elsewhere. Further investigation reveals that the production of this Super tweeter has ceased.

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It appears that the Grant Fidelity tweeter uses a  LCY twin ribbon module. These can be obtained from Madisound, you will have to decide which one is the closest to your ST 100.    http://madisound.com/pdf/printcatalog/LCY.pdf                                                                        

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