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WITHDRAWN OR RELISTED: Leben CS-300XS Integrated Amplifier for sale

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Guest Clarence

Item: Leben CS-300XS Integrated Amplifier, serial no. 800131
Location: Dundas Valley, Sydney
Price: $3,300 negotiable, please be kind
Item Condition: Used, very nice condition, a little dusty but no signs of tarnishing or fading, very minor pair of scrapes on right wood panel (right as looking at amp's. front - see image, though exaggerated by the digital image)
Reason for selling: Utterly adorable little performer, but it really is time to reduce some of the household's excesses.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only - in negotiation with a buyer I may reconsider the PayPal option.
Extra Info:

- I mentioned an "adorable little performer", but this understates this is a very capable amplifier and will make for an extraordinary engine for someone looking for a small overall system, or even a computer-time amplifier for the desk. There's a lot of big amp. in this small form factor and is no slouch.

- Always run through surge protectors and other conditioners, this unit has seen hopefully only the cleanest possible power.

- Very, very reasonable integrated headphone amplifier and 6.3mm jack, highly recommended.

- I have no immediate power cable for the unit, a typical IEC connector (see images). If prompted by a potential buyer I should be able to find something generic for it.

(( I should mention the amplifier is currently with me in Sydney ))








Edited by Clarence
"IEC", not "IE" connector + currently in Sydney
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I am a Leben lover for many years; fantastically musical gear and the most lovely sound, especially with the best tubes. A companion for life. I think there's different amps out there but (for me) none better. Did I mention EL84??


Somebody buy this before I impulsively take it home



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Guest Clarence
16 minutes ago, Music2move said:

Hi, does your Leben 300SX have standardSovtek tubes, or other valves? How many hours on these, and any servicing recently? What year manufactur?


cheers M2m

Hello M2M, the amplifier is completely stock, so if it's Sovteks then that's what they are. I am sorry, I have never cracked the lid and so would not be able to confirm your Sovtek suggestion nor the age/s. They were used in the amp. for maybe 300 - 400 hours, they have plenty of life left. Other than some dusting the amp. is in very new condition.


Hope this helps.

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I really only am curious to have it as a spare headphone amp. So, I can offer $2400 cash , for Friday or Sat exchange. Am looking for /at other headphone gear, any other gear you have for sale?


Cheers M2m

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Guest Clarence
34 minutes ago, martin64 said:

Does it have pre outs for a sub? Record out ..is that a fixed volume

I could only estimate the record out is fixed. Input sensitivity would be varied on your tape deck on the recording side. As for a subwoofer feed, I have to say I've never used one and would not know what the requirements for running a sub are.


Recording Out would be fixed, use Tape input back onto the Leben and the Tape Monitor switch to listen to that recording, which would be a variable signal again based on the 300's regular volume control. Aside from my tape deck remark, this would be pretty cool monitoring your digitising of your vinyl collection given a good ADC.


If your sub runs two RCA inputs left/right and has its own volume control then the Recording Out would probably be your option and thereby removing the Leben's potentiometer from that volume control. But don't take my word for it, I don't know your sub and have never met one.


I could only, otherwise, re-refer anyone for specs. to the Leben website, I can only say I wish the minutiae of the details were better fleshed out :-


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Guest Clarence
On 4/12/2018 at 5:49 PM, Music2move said:

PS, am in Sydney , lower north shore, so local pickup and exchange suits well.  Thx M2m

Yes, no swapping is of interest and your 2.4 offer is not quite there. I think they probably want this sort of thing in private messages.

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  • 4 months later...
I think I'm going to 'bump' this, I hope this is how bumping an entry works.
After 30 days have lapsed you are permitted to relist your ad after closing this prior one. That will properly return your listing to the top of the for sale threads (until the subsequent listing is posted)

Beautiful amp, good luck with a smooth sale.
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45 minutes ago, Clarence said:

Thanks Dave, noted, Dave.

At least your bump got noticed. You should definitely realist. 

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Guest Clarence

Righto, I'll leave it as is till a current interest wanes or is enticed and relist during a blank space. First time, thanks for the heads-up (another one), hadn't realised the importance of this re-listing process.

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      Payment Method: PayID preferred (reliable, instantaneous, traceable and no fees, check with your bank) will also take Cash on collection, bank transfer and Paypal at buyers expense for fees
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