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Recommended courier or shipping company to post floor standing speakers

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Hi, Hopefully you guys have great weekend.


Do you have any recommendation on Courier or Shipping company to post floor standing speakers to USA?


If you don't mind, would you be able to share the approximate cost as well to give me some ideas.


The pair of speakers that I'm going to send is pretty heavy too around 22kg each. Appreciate d your thought and Thank you ...




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It's not going to be cheap.

Start with Pack and Send.

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      Checkout the latest from Dish network,
      sure it's paytv but compared to the paltry offerings we get here it's pretty neat.Dish now have their Hopper and Joeys, full pvr and media distribution around the home.
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      Hi all,
      Which courier company would you guys normally use for sending bulky Hi-fi items to interstate.  I am looking to buy a pair of floor standing speakers from Brisbane and need to ship it to Melbourne.  Do I need to pack extra on top of the original carton?
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      Hi everyone,
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      Ok, 2L is in Norway, and I live halfway around the world in the frozen tundra of the Canberra winter, surprisingly unfazed by the perpetual hot-air produced in parliament house. But with a shipping price of well-over $60 for 8 lightweight disks, their site said "Allow 2 weeks for delivery", I believed that would be a reasonably accurate estimation for that price. I wanted one disk especially for a friend's birthday present. The birthday was roughly 3 weeks after I placed my order.
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      3 weeks pass (sorry birthday buddy) and the post office hadn't seen hide nor hair of it. Another weekend goes past. On Monday afternoon, it arrives... Yay. Then I see it. The padded bag was ripped open in transit! (see attached). I have complained to them about this.
      Now, I understand that unplanned things happen all the time, but if you do order disks from overseas labels (and I hope you do) make sure you don't just accept this kind of overpriced, half-baked delivery service. Any real audio company would have $200 of componentry in a well padded box, with foam, bubble wrap, and a water-proof layer somewhere in there for protection. If they can't do that, for $60+, I can't help but feel somewhat short-changed.
      I sincerely hope that if I can help someone to avoid the issues I've faced, my work here will be done.
      Is there anyone else out there that has had problems with an online purchase?
      All the best!

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      saw and heard a pair of their monsters at Pymble HiFi a while ago, Whispers i think going by the picture below
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