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Review - CD dynamics cut off by sound engineers therefore faulty by design

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15 hours ago, Addicted to music said:

@stereo coffee


so so what would a direct replacement for a 7805 if you think it shouldn’t  be used for audio?    Like you said there are many respectable manufacturers using it.  Or simular, it’s easy to just plonk one in the circuit and easy pcb layout.    It’s techbook designed.  Even many electronics engineers will just drop it in!   Just remember it’s standard throughout the industry where in SS some company disappear over night.



The LT3045 is being provided with heatsink on eBay , it has a footprint 

using 5 pins of which 3 are used. So whilst electrically a close equivalent allowing for 500ma of current it would require only small modification to suit,

namely the two outer pins requiring cutting and using the middle 3 which are

arranged the same as a 7805 , namely  Vin Gnd  Vout. On the downside supplied with heatsink, its pricing is about 10 times more than a 7805 .  But can be seen

it is a complete package requiring no external capacitors or resistors.


To install you would desolder the existing 7805, ensure the output was set for 5 volts as it is supplied adjustable to 15 volts, ensure the heatsink would fit and

solder in the middle 3 pins. Also observe the input voltage was no higher than 22v and output current was lower than 500ma... and you are good to go.    



It differs to the 7805 in important ways by having ultra low noise

and ultra high PSRR ( Power Supply Rejection Ratio )

Its datasheet is here:





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On 22/03/2018 at 2:17 PM, LongtimeListener said:

Hi all,


Since my quest for better sound has worked well, I sadly discovered that not only the musical detail of my recordings is revealed but also the flaws on at least one of my recordings, too.

I am owning that CD since 2003 and, although it was always a bit rumbling for my taste, I was quite happy with it. It is a very nice interpretation of the piece which I like a lot.


Now with my enhanced sound system I suddenly could hear a noise that is not belonging to the sound scape an orchestra produces. This noise is present in both the CD and the rip I used for the investigation below.


I took the time to investigate the issue and discovered, that the CD does not cover the total dynamic range, rather cut off the dynamic in multiple places.


I have attached my investigations below.


You can already see in the Total View that the sound waves don't fit in the range. Zooming in reveals indeed that the sound dynamics are tampered.


I am in the process to approach the reputable producer of this CD for an explanation and see what their comment to this is.


In times where those companies are worried about piracy I always wonder, why they cannot provide pristine faultless music to those who pay for it. This is in my eyes a big selling point and I am amazed why those companies not picking up this opportunity.




Track 28 Total View.jpg

Track 28 Detailed View.jpg

Track 28 Cut Off Sound Curve 1.jpg

Track 28 Cut Off Sound Curve 2.jpg

Track 28 Cut Off Sound Curve 3.jpg

Track 28 Cut Off Sound Curve 4.jpg

Track 27 Total View.jpg

Track 27 Cut Off Sound Curve 1.jpg

Track 27 Cut Off Sound Curve 2.jpg



if I may ask the OP a question. This thread is in the Product Reviews forum. I am not sure, what is the product under review?




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