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Help setting up bass shaker on PS4 Pro

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As the title states im having trouble setting up bass shakers on my PS4 sim racing set up if anyone has done it or thinks they can help would be much appreciated

So i got 2 x aura pro shakers with a Dayton Audio APA150 amp package from Parts Express, i have mounted the shakers and connected it all up as follows but its not working...


PS4 > toslink cable > digital audio converter in (from Jaycar) > DAC coax out > coax to rca cable > amplifier in > speaker cable from both L & R > shakers

got this from a youtube vid, i also tried moving the toslink from ps4 to TV out


any ideas welcome, thanks

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Try a normal CD with low bass as an input to the Dayton amp - see if you get any effects first. At least this rules out the amp/shakers.


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