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Item: Densen Audio B-420XS Compact Disc Player & D/A Converter.
Location: Len Wallis Audio HQ, 64 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove, NSW 2066
Price: $1700
Item Condition: Very good second hand condition
- Please note that this item also includes the optional Gizmo remote control, (an important addition, as we're told the replacement cost can be up to $400). 
Payment Method: Cash, PayPal, Credit Cards + Watch Payments Apps & CC payment rings (provided you are in store), Bank transfers.
Shipping: We will ship to anywhere in Australia - prices do vary, so please let us know if you need an item sent so we can get a price for this. 
Extra Info: High quality
Densen CD Player/transport, with digital input, allowing it to function as DAC. The CD transport uses an external clock control to avoid playback jitter by using same clock in both sending and receiving end of the data-stream.
Signals pass through the advanced pcb layout to the DAC, then to the analogue stage using Densen’s unique non feedback, class A topology.
Read more on the B-420 from Densen's site here
Review: We have a found a review of this device (which is done in conjunction with the B130) by 6moons Audio here
And another short review here from HiFi Review here


Line outputs: 2
Digital outputs: 2
Digital Input: 1 COAX/SPDIF
Storage capacity: 40.000uF
D/A converters: 2
D/A converters type: 24bit Just listen...
Weight/shipping weight: 8/10 Kg
Product dimensions (WxDxH): 440x310x64mm



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Correcting an accidental mis-spelling/typo of the word 'DENSEN' XD

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14 hours ago, goldiver said:

Would that be a DENSEN by any chance? :cool:


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      Item Condition: 8/10, very slight abrasion and dint on front panel.
      Reason for selling: Moving in a new direction
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      I am the first and only owner of this amazing unit. I purchased it in June 2016. The DAC module was fitted by the local distributor.
      I have all the original boxes, manuals and packing material.
      The marks on the front panel are hard to notice from anywhere other than close up but given the pride people take in their gear (me included) I've reduced the price for the unit. For full transparency I've included a very close-up picture of the marks as well as more general pictures of the amp.
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      The DAC has been run in a smoke free environment experiencing no issues ever.
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                         Comes with additional Moon Op-amps as extra (never got around to fitting them), as well as standard ones which are currently fitted.
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      Item: Audiolab 8200 CDQ

      Location: NE Melb 'burbs
      Price: $850 ... now dropped 10% to $750 ....... now dropped to  $680 .... including SNA donation – shipping costs covered by purchaser
      Item Condition: Used, very good to excellent condition
      Reason for selling: Upgraded, and this now needs a home where it will be used  
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      This is a great bit of kit.  A quality CD player, a fine DAC with numerous digital inputs, as well as analogue inputs enabling the unit to run as pre-amp.   A damn handy machine for the price, especially with balanced outputs
      I purchased this via SNA about 6 months ago when re-entered the world of my audio obsession, and it was first bit of new kit.  This got me started, but I quickly found that I moved to streaming digital files rather than playing the actual CD.  As a result, this didn’t get used anywhere near enough.  It really needs to go someone who will use it, rather than sitting around.
      The only marks that I can see on it (apart from the fingerprints), are 1 small scratch on the upper right of the faceplate, and 3 tiniest of nicks in the top rim of faceplate.  .... I'd frankly never noticed them, until right now !
      It comes in its original box with manual, remote & cable.  I’d prefer local pick up for convenience (NE Melb ‘burbs), but it can be shipped at purchasers cost.
      In the interest of full disclosure, the unit has recently been serviced by Audiolab service techs and the firmware has been upgraded.  Since its return, I’ve opened the box & checked it.

    • By Tassie Devil
      Item: Arcam irDAC with Linear Power Supply
      Location: With a friend in Adelaide
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      Item Condition: Mint with original box
      Reason for selling: Unused as now into balanced audio
      Payment Method: Bank Transfer
      Extra Info: I could not believe the puny power supply  which came with this lovely DAC so purchased a linear PS and inserted into the container as shown in the pics.  Note it is NOT an Arcam PS but is far superior and makes all the difference to the effectiveness of the DAC.
      The heavy PS brings the all up weight of the package to 2.2 kg .
      I part with it with some reluctance as it is one of the best single ended DACs I've had the pleasure to own - you can read glowing reports of it on the net but remember those reports are with the original wall wart PS.  The linear one with this DAC takes it to a new level.