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Denon AV Receiver service in the northern suburbs of Melbourne?

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I've read a few folks recommend Qualhifi as a good place to get Denon amps serviced, but I'm wondering if there is somewhere in Melbourne closer to Brunswick (north of the city) that might be just as good?


The model is a Denon AVC-A1, quite old and with a few quirks that I'm not sure can be fixed or not (i.e. headphone jack randomly engaging and the rear right channel has a fair bit of distortion)...I'm just not sure I want to cart it so far if there's a good repair option north of city!




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your best bet is qualifi. they know units such as this quite well. otherwise there is also JLS but they are likely further out away from you

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You could contact Filatronics in Oak Park. They are the service agents for quite a few top brands and I see on their website they will repair Denon.

They did a warranty repair on a Primare amp for me a few years ago and were timely and offered good service.

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      2 Axis LS-38 Front (Dual connector) want to say 150W 8Ohm
      2 Axis LS-28 backs (Dual connector) 100W 8Ohm
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