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Hello Stereo.net!

I am wanting to know if any in the vicinity of Brisbane and that can get McDowall 4053 that would like to hear a Geiseler GroB Dac (made by @Gieseler Audio), some speakers from Adelaide Speakers or a Quasimodo made by Richard MacDonald aka. @tagstrip?

I want to demo either a Holton amp in the 50-100watt into 8ohm range (like a Holton 050 or 100) or an Aspen amplifier NAKSA 80 and I will also let those that want to try demo my stuff too. 

If anyone in the Brisbane area that has a Holton amp or an Aspen amp wants to come down to my address or if I can organise a time and transport, come down to your address...we can demo stuff!

The purpose of this is to do product research and broaden my horizons!


EDIT: I do think @Aussieamps are very pretty looking, the case work is fantastic and the internals look neat and tidy if the pictures are anything to go by! I don't mean that as an insult to anyone, I should say. 

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