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Sydney Audio Club Meeting - Sunday 11th March 2018 - Hulgich Audio

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For our March club meeting, we are very pleased to have Nick Hulgich of Hulgich Audio present his Ella Mk II speakers.  The speakers of Nick and his design partner Göran Niréus have been attracting much attention worldwide.  Their speaker design and performance is of the highest standard.  Nick and his company is based in beautiful Adelaide – all Hulgich Audio speakers are meticulously crafted in Adelaide from the best quality components.  More below…


Details of the system…. 


Presented by Nick Hulgich of Hulgich Audio – refer to http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/index.html


Hulgich Ella MK II Loudspeakers - http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/ella.html.  Also read about its Best In Show rating at the 2017 International HiFi Show - https://www.stereo.net.au/features/stereonet-awards-2017-international-hifi-show
Nord Acoustics Nord One SE Mono Block amps - https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-one-se-up-nc500mb-mono-block-black-single and http://hifipig.com/nord-one-up-nc500-dmst-power-amplifier/
FTM Cables - http://hulgichaudio.com.au/ftm-cable.html
Mac Mini with External HD - presenters music
Bricasti Design M1 DAC - http://www.bricasti.com/en/consumer/m1.php
Classe CP-800 Pre Amp - https://classeaudio.com/cp-800/
Oppo BDP-105D Multi Player - http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/oppo-bdp-105d-audiophile-blu-ray-disc-player/

The second half of the music sessions will be our popular BYO.   Members and guests are welcome to offer music to share with us all.  So bring along your favourite music on CD/SACD or Flash drive.  Sorry, no vinyl this month.  All we ask is that the music and recordings be interesting.  We'll ask you to tell us a little about the artist/recording before it is played.  Tracks over 6 minutes will be faded out, to give everyone a fair go. 


Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, you will have the opportunity to listen, learn and share your experiences with others.  Feel free to come and hear the capabilities of the system, or to just share the experience with like-minded music lovers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  


Guests are welcome – we are a very friendly club so you don't need to know anyone to join us for an afternoon of fine music and sound.


Venue:  Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park
Address:  26 Stanley Road, Epping 

When:  Sunday 11th March 2018


Doors open 1pm
Meeting starts at 2pm
Best regards,
Tom Waters
Sydney Audio Club
W: www.sydneyaudioclub.org.au
FB: https://www.facebook.com/sydneyaudioclub
E: tomwaters@sydneyaudioclub.org.au

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Hello everyone


I take the opportunity to thank all those who have come yesterday to the presentation of the Model Ella MKII.
It was a great opportunity not only to show you a little what we do but to know you personally and also discover new music that is another of my passions.


I am infinitely grateful for the hospitality that Tom and his wife Ewa have given me when they received me at their home, and I also extend my thanks to Steve who is always willing to help at all times.


I hope you have liked what you heard and I wish to see you all again in other opportunity and show you more of what we do.


In case you require more information regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


See you next time amigos


Nicolas Hulgich


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Nick’s Ella Mk II speakers were some of the easier speakers to setup in our room.  We measured and determined where it might be best to place them, and it then took very little fiddling to get just right.  In the end, there was a bit of extra warmth in the mid-bass, but in our difficult room that was a small price to pay for everything that was right. 


The system gelled well together, and the Nord Acoustics monoblocks that Nick brought offered the perfect balance for the Ella speakers.   And if you wish to get some excellent interconnects or speaker cables at an excellent price, then you'd better be quick.  Nick makes these cables himself (under his label FTM, "Feel the Music") but everyone tells him they are undervalued!! 


The Ella Mk II speakers are wonderful speakers – balanced, natural and honest.  Nothing shouts out, everything in its place.  There were many positive comments on the  feedback forms (see below), and a number of people spoke to me during the break and at the end to say how much they liked the speakers.  It was not surprizing to me that they won “Best in Show” at the StereoNET International HiFi Show last year.   


Also in attendance were a number of guests and StereoNET members that came to hear Nick’s speakers.  Thanks folks...


And thank you Nick for your comments – most appreciated.  It was our pleasure to have you stay with us.  And we greatly enjoyed our sessions listening and chatting about music and the audio industry in general!  We all greatly appreciate you coming to Sydney to present to us. 


Here are some comments from the Feedback forms.  Btw – the overall rating of the equipment, the meeting and the music was very high. 


"Good to see sensibly priced gear that actually sounds good."


"Full scale with no compression. Very good."


"One of the better sounding systems in this room."


"Class D has made progress but not there yet. Good Speakers."


"One of the best speakers we've ever had at the club."


"Stunning with small ensembles but a bit bass heavy with classical."


"Well designed and excellent sounding speakers."


"Very capable and good value speakers."


"Great sounding speakers."


"Really nice speakers for the price."


"Congrats and thanks to Nick for coming from Adelaide with this super speaker!"


Photos to follow…

Edited by TomW
spacing issues

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Thank you again Nick for your huge efforts coming over from Adelaide to provide us Sydneysiders and our members the opportunity to hear your presentation and the superb sounding Ella MkII speakers.


The Ella's really enjoyed the space at the venue, sounding even better than when I last heard them and without a doubt would sound their best in the homes of those fortunate enough to own a pair.


Anyone in the market for speakers in the Ella's price range really need to audition these.


I really enjoyed the great company and conversations over a great meal after the meeting and hope your short stay was like a mini working holiday/break from your busy schedule.


I look forward to catching up with you later in the year along with the release of any future projects.


Cheers mate



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"Class D has made progress but not there yet. Good Speakers."


Was this you George? :lol:


They are superb speakers, thanks to Nick and the organisets for having the opportunity to hear them.

Time to save some money....

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    • By ArthurDent
      Hulgich Audio & Holton Precision Audio

      8pm Wednesday 21st August

      Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices
      Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading
      Melway Map 48 Ref G9
      Contact: 9437 1249
      This month we have two interstate companies joining forces to present their Hi Fi products at the MAC. Both have exhibited together at the Melbourne International Hi Fi Show, winning "Best of Show Overall" for 2017 as well as "Best New Comer".
      Hulgich Audio is a new speaker company based in Adelaide headed by Nicolas Hulgich (pronounced Eu-Lich), who has spent more than twenty years in both Australia and his native Argentina building speakers with a variety of designs. He will be presenting to the club his statement speaker the 'Duke', with his in-house FTM (Feel The Music) speaker cable and interconnects.
      The 'Duke' is a 3-way floor stander designed as a dual enclosure. The upper enclosure houses a 1.2 inch dimple dome tweeter, and a 6 inch midrange made of papyrus fibres. The lower bass enclosure is a ported design that houses a 10 inch woofer also made of papyrus fibres. Hulgich has designed the 'Duke' to have a huge sweet spot and a large sound stage. By applying 'Low Diffraction Baffle Technology' (LDBT) that insures a smooth frequency response whether sitting off or on axis, and 'Coherent Sound Technology'( CST) which provides driver time alignment and phase integration.
      Nicolas will be playing his music with a modified OPPO 103 Multi-disc player and a AudioGD R8 Ladder Dac. Amplification is provided by Holton Precision Audio. Based in northern Tasmania, Anthony Holton has been designing and building high end amplifiers that have been demonstrated internationally at the 2018 Paris and Munich Hi-Fi Shows
      Anthony will be demonstrating two stereo amplifiers on the night, the Holton One-Zero-Zero Supreme (2x120W into 8 Ohms), and the Five-Zero-Zero Supreme (2x500W into 4 Ohms) with the matching Gain Block One Preamp. On static display will be a Phono Pre, while a 'DC Blocker One' will be used to look after the AC mains. This audio grade conditioner removes DC and filters the noise from the mains.
      With two presenters for the night, we are certainly going to have twice the value when it comes to sound quality. Not to be missed.
      Nick Karayanis, Program Co-Ordinator.
      Ken Tripp
      Wise and Wonderful Webmaster
      Melbourne Audio Club, Inc.

    • By Mike13
      Item: Hulgich Audio Centre Speaker
      Location: Melbourne
      Price: $4,000
      Item Condition: Mint
      Reason for selling: Never required
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: I bought this from @Marcto guarantee purchase of his Hulgich Astors (he wanted to sell as a package and there was a long queue of people wanting to buy them) on 14 Nov 2017, so I've had it a couple months but don't use it. He had it custom built by the Hulgich speaker designer to match the Astors. I don't believe he had it long.
      Marc paid a fair bit more for it and, according to Nick from Hulgich Audio, it is worth more than he paid. It is a serious centre speaker and is very heavy. It goes very low (30sHz I'm told). When I first used it I mistakenly thought the subs were on. I don't actually use it because the speaker spots on my amp are used by the mains and the Marantz AVR is different Ohms and I thought that could break it. It has a really nice custom built Hulgich stand, also very heavy, and a speaker cover (it looks better without). I had a shorter one of the new Hulgich Audio FTM speaker cables made for it, which you can have. http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/ftm-cable.html It has some nice silver spikey feet (you might be able to see them on the Astors - I think they go under the stand? I think the specs are on the plate I photographed. If you want to know anything else I can ask for you. Local pickup preferred. Like all good audio, it is heavy and might be costly to ship. Actually, I don't have a box for it either.  

    • By Mungbean66
      This will mostly just be some thoughts on what I've observed and how I've felt these wonderful speakers have performed. I will try and steer away from describing music choices as I listen to most music and I don't feel it will add to this 'review' as so much can change based on the source and amplifier.
      Although I don't really believe in burn in, I've waited around 300 plus hours to do the review so as to be fair to Nick from Hulgich Audio.
      The Serenades are a statement piece. Beautiful like a painting, slightly imposing but impressive, they make the room feel like is has a purpose without overpowering the room like a set of floor standers can. They have a high WAF and the finish is top notch; many of our friends (including women) comment on how nice they look. The high gloss white is gorgeous. Nick must be a perfectionist because it has a finish that looks like it would suit a piano. Even the speaker connectors are top notch and look all class. The speakers’ cabinets feel really inert and easily pass the knuckle test. So overall, build quality is what you expect from something made in Australia. 
      The matching stands really do make the speakers and are equally well made.  Mine are a gloss black, with an unmistakable style, a beautiful match for these large standmounts. Although you could live without them, I don't think I could, now knowing how well they suit the speakers. Undeniably worth every penny and very stable (child proven).
      The speakers were delivered packaged better than anything I have seen to date. They would have survived anything including a drop from great heights. Too give you an idea, it took me 45min to unpack the speakers and stands (frustrating but worth it).
      In terms of sound: The sound seems to be generated from the ether, almost like if you’re were floating in the inky blackness of space and somehow music just started to flow out of nowhere. Another thing of note is the amount of bass generated by the 6 inch driver. This is a speaker that does actually reach below 40Hz. How Nick does this is anyone’s guess. You can hear kick drums and bass guitars and I've found that a sub for music isn't necessary unless you need depth below 35Hz or love chest thumping bass. Although the mid-range is magical on these speakers the treble is detailed without being too bright but won't be polite if the recording is 'hot' or a singer/instrument is hitting powerful high notes (this is how a speaker should sound...'live'). Live music is awesome, well recorded music is equally fantastic and even poorly recorded music is still listenable. You will hear and understand what makes it so. The Serenades really are a window in the music without feeling that something artificial is helping create the sound.
      The biggest thing I've found though is what people call tone. Does it sound right? Spendors, Harbeths, some higher end speakers and now the Hulgichs are the only speakers that have done Missy Higgins' voice justice. Having heard her live on multiple occasions, I would always feel disappointed hearing a song of hers on a hi-fi system. For information, the worst audition demonstrating her voice was on a KEF LS50W.  This is not a knock on the KEFs but unless the room was at play, they did not reproduce female vocals well.
      Not only are female voices created beautifully with the Serenade but so are their male counterparts, instruments feel equally well developed and honestly just sound 'right'. I have yet to hear something and felt it sounded 'wonky'.
      I am also a huge fan of drums and the Serenades do really show what great recorded drumming sounds like. An example is how good the recording at Sound City was like for drums. Tool's Undertow, Rage Against the Machine's self-titled album and Nirvana's Nevermind; all excellent examples of this. Hearing every strike of a drum or the rim and how hard it was struck is something new to me and I quite enjoy it with the Serenades.
      On top of this is the fact that every instrument, voice and nuance has its own space and it is easy to track each separately.
      With every DAC I've used this remains true, even the NOS based Paradesia 3, Aune X1S, Hifimediy UDA38 and the PDX DAC (level 2). Two of these DACs contain tube outputs if that helps. I found that these speakers are far from coloured and really do give you an insight into what is feeding it. DACs (within this, even tube choices) and amplifiers make huge differences; this was not the case with my previous, rather modest speakers. It was during some testing that I realised that my NOS Paradesia 3 paled in comparison in terms of the 'width and depth' compared to the PDX DAC (this was alleviated somewhat with a tube and op amp change in the Pardesia). On my old speakers (Monitor Audio S6) the DACs sounded quite similar but after changing to the Serenades the gulf widened to the point where, I simply couldn't listen to the Paradesia 3 on my main system.
      I never really knew what people meant about pressurising a room but now I do. These speakers can easily pressurise my 3.5m x 4m room with ease without losing composure and do this without having to increase the volume to ear splitting levels. One of the best things I've discovered is that like most people my lounge is a shared space so the speakers need to be close to a wall, fortunately these speakers are made to be close to a boundary. 
      Are there negatives? Of course, all speakers have some. For example, these speakers need power, 80W into 8ohms is just enough but I would say that over 100W is more ideal and after getting a 130W amplifier they just opened up another level. They do take a bit of power to come 'on song' as some people might say, which means that in some instances a preamplifier with gain may be needed. They will need the additional compensation circuit to be able to be driven from tube amplifiers. The stands are expensive but after seeing and using them, I believe they are necessary and the cost is justified. They are just as gorgeous as the speakers and I imagine, probably take as much work if not more to produce.
      When it comes to music reproduction or when watching a movie, I don't hear any shortcomings and this seems like the end goal for many people, including me. The serenade is a very well rounded speaker that I believe would not be embarrassed being driven by high end amplification and sources.
      If people would like me to give a detailed breakdown of some of the songs I used to test please just ask and I'll add to the end of this review after I've sat down for another critical listen of a few songs.
      In case it's of merit I am currently running the following gear (Pic attached):
      Power Regulation: 700W pure sine wave UPS
      Streamer (USB): ALLO USBridge running DietPi
      Media player (TOSLINK): PS4 Pro
      Source:  HIFIMEDIY UDA38
      PRE: Schiit Saga 
      POWER: Sansui 707i

    • By chefscuba70
      Hi all,
      Following our club meeting with Nick's presentation of his impressive sounding Ella Mk II speakers, Nick has graciously offered me the opportunity to hear these in my own system for the rest of this week to fully evaluate what these speakers are capable of achieving in a home environment as opposed to the large open room at the meeting hall last Sunday amongst a large crowd.
      So I thought, instead of selfishly listening and enjoying the Ella speakers all week, I would offer an open invite to anyone in Sydney who would like to listen to Nick's speakers to simply drop me a PM and arrange a time.
      I'll be able to host up to 3 people at a time any night this week until Friday between the times of 5.00pm to 8.00pm.
      The system will be;
      Hulgich Audio Ella Mk II speakers
      Plinius Reference amp in class A/B or class A power
      Classe CP-800 pre amp
      Antipodes DX2 music server running Roon or an Oppo 105 (CD or flash drive), each decoded by a Chord QBD76 dac
      Vertere IC's, Nordost Frey speaker cables and room treatments. Pic below.
      I have plenty of music on the server or bring your own. Sorry no vinyl but if it's truly a must have, I'm sure I can accommodate one you bring along.
      I live about 10 minutes from Parramatta (so no need for a compass) in a nice leafy suburb opposite a park (so no need to bring security) and I'm a friendly hospitable guy with a healthy liver and kidneys (I think).
      From those that attended the club meeting, most were very impressed with the sound of the Ella's with some saying they were in their top 3 -5 speakers heard at the club. Some info and thoughts can be found with the link below but ultimately you should hear them for yourselves to make your own judgement.

      Look forward to hearing from you.
      Steve. P
    • By Marc
      Item: Hulgich Audio Astor Loudspeakers
      Location: Sunbury, VIC
      Price: $8500.00
      Item Condition: As new.
      Reason for selling: Funding a new build by Hulgich Audio, that impressed I have been by this speaker. This listing has the blessing of Hulgich Audio.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+fees), or Credit Card (With associated fees)
      Extra Info: I received these very early from Hulgich Audio for a no-obligation product review for StereoNET. They've been here for approximately 12 months I assume. So impressed was I by what I heard, I called Nick and bought them full price, no questions asked. They've remained my benchmark reference speaker at the price point easily up to speakers I've heard approaching $25K and more. You can read my full review: https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-hulgich-audio-astor-loudspeakers
      I do also have a custom design and built (by Hulgich), matching centre channel if you're interest in Home Theatre duties also. Price by negotiation.
      Auditions available here in Sunbury. I do have the original transportation crates that these were shipped from South Australia in, but for local transport I would suggest the normal care and wrapping / blanket etc. Preference is given to a local buyer, but if necessary freight can be arranged by the buyer and I will assist from this end.





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