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Found one of these players on local hard waste collection ,plugged it in but won't read a cd?such a well made player by the looks,is it worth repair ?

Cheers Muri

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It is a good quality player with a good but rare dac (pcm64). Paying someone to fix it would be uneconomical,  in my opinion, due to it's age.

If you have some electronic skills you may be able to fix it.

It is great that you saved it from landfill.

Maybe put it on the classified section someone might need spare parts or have the skills to fix it.



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Hello Muri

I had another look and this player also uses the Sony KSS-151A CD drive, experienced people say this is one of the best drives ever.

Also has the sm5813 digital filter which is good.

I checked and found a technician (in Brisbane) that charges $60 for a quote, so if you want, the player cost you nothing if you find a local tech that charges about the same for  a quote it might be worthwhile finding out what is wrong.

If it is something simple then you can make your mind up about fixing it. The most you could lose is $60.

I hope this helps you.

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