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Advice on receivers

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Hi all.


Looking to upgrade the receiver in my system. Usage is 70% home theatre 30% music. Budget is max $1000. Happy with second hand. Looking for low THD levels. Atmos would be great too but if I have to trade something off I’d rather get a solid older flagship without it.


My search so far has turned up the Yamaha RX-A series, Pioneer SC-LX85 and above, Onkyo TX-RZ800/900. Anything else I should be looking at?


Current system:

Receiver: Pioneer VSX816

Power amp: Crown XLS2000

Floorstanders: VAF DCX

Centre: Aaron CC-240

Rears: Denon SC-F107

Subs: SVS NSB12 + Yamaha YST-SW216

TV: Hisense 4K 55" M7000


Thanks in advance

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Getting an older flagship AVR will bypass the problem of the low power of many entry receivers. Ignore the published rubbish specs of power per channel. Look at power consumption as a better guide and get one with highest power consumption.


And how old are you prepared to go? Very old ones like this Denon AVC A1 is superb but lacks hdmi and some audio formats.


I own previous model Anthem MRX 710 and suggest getting the 510 (not many available second hand).

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shameless sell plug, but i am selling a Denon 4311 which is quite similar to the Pioneer LX85 if you were interested (in for sale section)


I also am running the Vaf DC-X floor standers, though i did eventually upgrade to a separate power amp. Dont know that i can tell the difference between internal amp/external but i like buying new toys. 



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