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Acoustically transparent canvas printing service

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I'm looking at creating some DIY absorbers wrapped in art prints for around the house. Can anyone recommend printing companies that print on acoustically transparent canvas, and what the approximate cost was?





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You want someone who will do "dye sublimation". Look for people locally that do flags for businesses - you know those things that look like they belong on a golf course or a car rally event.


They will have a selection of fabrics, pick the one that you can best breath through or blow air through. I suggest you find a local player then you can look very closely at the fabrics.


They wont be suitable for putting speakers behind - the only people I know of that print on speaker cloth are Vaf - for their soundwall product.



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You can ask CMF Acoustics http://www.cmfacoustics.com.au/acousticartpanels.htm


i bought some plain fabric absorbers from them but they can do just the prints for you. No idea on cost or print quality but the plain fabric ones I bought are good quality. I have some photos of them here.


Sorry, not the best photos from my phone.

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