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Hey Guys,


I've been running a Parasound P5/A21 combo along with a pair of Focal Aria 936's and a pair of Adelaide Speakers 10" subs, I recently got hold of a pair of Parasound JC1's however due to other reasons I'm not sure if I'm going to keep them.


Talking to another member about this the other day and he thinks I should at least trial a better pre amp before I make a rash and uninformed decision.


So what I would like to ask you kind people is if there is anyone in the Brissy area (I'm Southside) that would be willing to trial their pre in my system so I can get an idea in house.

Ideally a JC2 would be the logical fit, however I'm open to all and as said member suggested a valve pre may also be a good option.


So far just the addition of the JC1's has transformed the 936's and has virtually rendered the subs redundant, the Arias really have outstanding dynamic range for their price range.

So I'd be interested to hear what a higher end pre contributes to the setup and if I'm making the right choice .......and just to add the P5 actually sounds quite good for a Swiss army knife pre.... but that's my subjective opinion.


I'm using an OPPO 205 for CD/Streaming duties (OPPO's DAC) and balanced connections all the way through.


I'll happily supply beer/wine nibbles etc








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IMHO the JC1s deserve a better speaker than the 936s.

I recently listened to a pair of Focal Sopra2s. See https://www.queenslandaudio.club/2017-october?lightbox=dataItem-j8s8ddyq

I myself have a pair of older passive SGRs that feature the 13inch bass driver from the Focal Utopia.

I've been running a P3/A21 combo.

I recently replaced the P3 with a Sim Moon Audio P5.

I would also suggest a better stand-alone Dac than using the one in the Oppo 205.





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