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JVC DLA- X7900 vs Sony VPL-VW360ES vs Epson EH-LS10000

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On 05/05/2018 at 12:10 PM, cashflag said:

Ha. That's one way too look at it. By that rational, we should've just stuck with 4:3!

Movies started out as 4:3 or something similar and moved to wider formats culminating "scope". Now in the days of digital cameras that shoot in 16:9 or even taller ratios 16:9 movies are becoming more and more common and "scope" is just cropped out of the taller digital image provided by the camera.



On 05/05/2018 at 12:10 PM, cashflag said:

Problem is, if I had a 16:9 screen with the same width as my 150" scope screen, it would almost be the equivalent of an IMAX theatre.

IMAX is a much taller format than 16:9 and designed to be much wider than a scope screen as well. A real IMAX screen is massive compared a normal cinema.


Its not just the size of the screen that matters its the viewing distance and hence viewing angle you use.

In my next theatre I will have a 150" 16:9 screen with a viewing distance of 4m. This is only slightly larger in relative terms than the 100" I currently view from 2.8m which is not overwhelming at all with 16:9 content.

How close do you sit to your 150" scope screen?


I see the extra screen height of 16:9 a distinct advantage when viewing, so to each their own.


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On 30/04/2018 at 1:53 AM, Owen said:

The fact is "scope" is a reduced height format in all video, scope is never "wider".

The width of the image in pixels is a constant for 16:9 and scope, only the height varies.

Yes but that's only because TV's and projectors are fixed panel devices. Scope at the cinema is always wider and the same height with no black bars  - curtains open up out to the wall after the previews are finished (if it's a scope film) But with projectors we can emulate what's done at the cinema.. so why not? Another reason people use scope screens is because of content, TV shows are not decent quality compared to blu ray and uhd discs and look ridiculous blown up to the same size. Not right or wrong format, each to their own.



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