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Gieseler Product Power Supplies

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I asked Clayton Gieseler a question via email about the power supply units used for his various products. I thought the rest of you might like to see his informative response...




All of my products have high quality low noise PSUs built in so only require an external low voltage AC supply. They may look like cheap "wall warts" but are in fact external EI core transformers so provide a good quality pure AC input to the unit which then has multiple internal low noise regulated supplies. There are few bonuses from this.


1. It keeps the mains radiated hum field well away from the sensitive electronic circuits.


2. The EI core transformer has much lower bandwidth than the usual toroidal so let much less mains hash through.


3. The external transformers are all C ticked and Australian approved so that keeps it legal and the insurances companies happy.


Best regards, Lloyd Borrett.

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Indeed, I was surprised of the weight of these things! Thought there must be a good reason for such a hefty transformer. Great work as always Clay! 

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Well guys it gives me great pleasure to announce that PSU no. 100 will be going out the door tomorrow.

The best part is AFAIK, touch wood, lots of wood not a single failure.

I honestly think that  if a product is well designed, uses quality parts & is well put together it should be very reliable & I’m confident that my PSU’s fit that criteria.


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