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What is the best audio purchase you have ever made?

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On 10/03/2019 at 9:54 AM, Daniel T-D said:

So, this may be a bit lame compared to most, but for me, my first audio purchase ever was my best. 

I was about 14 and had saved for about a year, extracting honey, potting it and selling it in my local neighbourhood, I worked every school holidays with my uncle building roofs. 

I saved about $450. 

With that I bought a Sony all in one. 

Ih had twin tape decks, CD, radio and an eq. 

At the same time I had discovered RTR fm radio station, who had a show on just after school finished that played only dance music. 

For the first time I was introduced to drum and bass, breakbeat, house, techno, hip hop etc,

and having the ability to record from radio, I soon began making mix tapes, recording, pausing, rewinding, changing tapes, fast forwarding etc. 

Basically becoming a bedroom DJ. 

I would give the tapes to friends, they would pass them to their friends, and so on. 

This soon became a money making racket for me, which enabled me to purchase tickets to my first Rave party, and at 14/15, what an eye opener. 

From there I met all sorts of people, Jazz singers, Blues guitarists, DJ’s, rock bands and so on. 

This was the beginning for me of my love of music, all types of music, and audio itself. 

Had the time of my life. 

Is this Dr Dre?

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Best audio purchase would be my ME240 high cap and VPI Classic 1. Love them both equally and will never give them up. 

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Shure SE 530 IEMs. They have died, been replaced with Noble Audio K10u, and then reborn (re-shelled into customs). Still my main headphones. 


They had had such a jump in sound from anything I’d heard up until 2007 when I bought them for a whopping $350. They also travel everywhere with me. 

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