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Best OLED, LG vs Sony vs Panasonic

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I didn't quite follow that @DoggieHowser, but I think you are saying that OLEDs can get burn in? I thought only plasmas got burn in.


I hadn't heard of the Loewe brand before. Certainly expensive for a 55". The stand I like - makes it look like a gigantic desktop monitor.

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you should really check this thread out Mike.  


Yes OLED is inherent with image retention and it’s real, any light emitting source will burn out, that’s the just nature.  Forget the BS marketing hype such as what’s on the LG website and the features they used to reduced image retention.   OLED are oleds and impressive as they are on that stand, run a color test..  


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    • By robbyvikram
      Item:  Sony Bravia 65 inch OLED TV KD65A8F
      Location: Melbourne 
      Price: 4K
      Item Condition: Brand New
      Reason for selling: Going for 75"
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: It's Brand New Sealed. Bought in December. Located in Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Pick Up only

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      Item: LG 65" OLED UHD TV (2016 model)
      Location: Carnegie, Melbourne
      Price: $3,200 ono
      Item Condition: perfect condition and still have original box with all included foam to assist with transporting the TV. 
      Reason for selling: upgrading to projector. 
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or net banking transfer. 
      Extra Info: I bought this back in Feb and it still has 6 months left of manufacturer warranty, plus I opted for the 5 year product care option with Harvey Norman when I purchased it. According to the Harvey Norman web site this is transferable so the new owner will have the same cover. It's an amazing tv, and supports HDR10 along with Dolby Vision as well. It's running the latest FW v4.31.10, and I have it plugged into a Samsung k8500 uhd bd player and happy to demo any of my 50 UHD blu rays or you can bring your own of course. 

       Link to product: http://www.lg.com/au/tvs/lg-OLED65B6T
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    • By betty boop
      according to Vincent at HDTV test, (he is VERY excited about this) this is a very significant TV in being THE first to support both DV and HDR10+ ( I always thought LG supported both). But anyways it appears the beta v VHS the video formats has been busted in this case. Panasonic has already supported both DV and HDR10+ in their new 9000 uhd player. Finally have a TV that supports both.
      so Finally rather than being a beta v VHS battle. now we will have more a situation like in audio formats with Dolby vs DTS with makers hopefully supporting both video formats as well in due course.
      as Vincent says this thing will now be HOT property. Panasonic was already declared in shoots outs by HDTV to give the most accurate colours, intact quite accurate out of box anyways. 
      be interesting when it is released in AU and for how much....hopefully pana not running aways too much with this set at too much of a premium ! 
      ps its up firing atmos speakers stuck to back of the telly is an interesting feature. also good to understand its hdmi 2.1 support which is really limited to latency only with hooking upto x box one x at this stage. something to be wary about hdmi 2.1 where makers will only support certain features as they are totally allowed to do within the spec.
    • By yojovo
      I know OLED is more expensive, but it must be worth the money. It can't make the value that high without having good features. What would you choose?
    • By MLXXX
      Yes that review provides the explanation of human perception of blurring if there is no blanking between frames. I am not sure what practical effect this will have. The review itself concedes it is not an issue for low frame rate 24fps. I wonder how much lack of blanking would visibly affect a 60fps source. Would human eyes really notice blurring in a real life scene (say basketball) captured at that frame rate?:

      This article provides an easy to follow explanation and some practical details: http://www.blurbusters.com/faq/oled-motion-blur/ It includes the comment:

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