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Help Elektra Power Amp keep turn off then turn on

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Today my elektra power amp start to act strange.

it keeps turning off then turning on again after few seconds later while I'm using it.

it happened quite often like 2-3 times in 10 min. so I just turned off power amp.

what is the cause this problem?

I bought new amp 8 years ago and I had no problem at all before.

thanks in advance.


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Are you using the 12V trigger, if so take it off the 12 V trigger and change it to always on, see if you have the same issue, if it stays on it is related to the 12V trigger.

Outside that contact Elektra Audio in Melbourne and see if they can help fault find it.


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4 minutes ago, punknofx1503562250 said:

what is the cause this problem?

Do you use the 12V trigger function? ... maybe playing up?


How's the heat... getting hot? ... thermal protection?


Maybe a connection short too.


How long have you had this? I know there were some released 10 years ago that accidentally got fitted with incorrect capacitors, but I assume Arthur from Elektra would have dealt with all of those by now.


I'd be calling Arthur from Elektra and see what he thinks. I'm sure they'll be happy to assist.


JSmith :ninja:

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thanks for reply JDH, JSmith.

I took the 12v trigger cable out and changed the switch to 12v trigger function off.

I think problem was related with 12v trigger.

I used elektra about 2 hours but nothing happen after disable 12v trigger.

elektra works fine.

thanks again.


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