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FS: Exposure 2010S integrated amp

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Item: Exposure 2010S integrated amp
Location: Adelaide - will post at buyer's expense
Price: $599 firm (RRP was US $1250)
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: Too many amps
Payment Method: As agreed.
Extra Info: Price includes original box, packaging, remote and brochure. All in very good condition.






Specifications include:

Power output - 2 x 75W @8Ohms

THD  - 0.05%

SNR - >100dB

Preamp output (suitable for home theatre bypass)

Power requirement  - 220 - 240W

Weight = 7kg / packed = 9kg

Dimensions = 440 x 310 x 90mm

Pictures: (apologies for poor lighting)






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how old is the amp

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10 hours ago, wen said:

how old is the amp

Not sure to be precise - possibly 6 - 8 years?


I bought it two weeks ago via Gumtree from someone who was also selling his Exposure CD player and a number of other bits of hi fi. He has a roomful of gear and needs to cut down. I believe he was the second owner.


My intent was to use the Exposure in my bedroom for low level listening, but I also have a vintage Pioneer amp and can't justify keeping both. As the Exposure is a lot more modern it makes sense to sell that one.

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Would love to buy it, working out how to amass funds

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funds a increasing slowly, is it still for sale, have you tried it with your mission 770 speakers? 

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The Exposure sounds sweet, with deep bass and broad soundstage with the Missions - a good match. I also used it a for a short while with my Proac Super extended Bass Tablettes - very nice.


Please PM me if you want to discuss possible buying.

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