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Prime regional now HD

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Yes Primehd Newcastle is on channel 60 if your hd pvr hasn't auto retuned :) Dolby 2.0 ; not 5.1 atm ..

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What about Coffs Harbour?. The idiots kept telling us during the summer Olympics we could simply turn to channel 70 to watch in HD. There is no channel 70 available in Coffs!!. If I have to watch the winter Olympics in SD I wont be happy. Every other station has HD.

Prime has 7mate in HD but its full of filler.

I've sent emails to prime and got no reply. I've phoned prime advertising where I can actually talk to a person and was told there was no plan for it to be available anytime soon.

The Prime Coffs TV guide on line even lists channel 70 as HD and has been doing so for at least the last couple of months.


I'll scan my Topfield PVR again tonight and hope Coffs has now got it.

I wish SBS had the winter Olympics rights. The crap Prime went on about during the Summer Olympics made it feel like I was watching current affair or 47 minutes.

rant over....

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