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FS: Rega P1 (2017)

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Item: Rega P1 ( new version)

Location: Forster NSW 2428

Price: $300 with free postage

Item Condition: As New....1 month old with receipt

Reason for selling: So impressed with the sound that iv'e ordered the P3

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info: Glowing reviews from around the world.....Fantasic Deck!

Performance pack is available for $199 from Rega outlets

Comes complete with all original packaging etc

Comes with standard cartridge so it's ready to plug and play!












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    • By dolphy
      Item: Rega DAC V1
      Location: Sydney
      Price: $400.00 + Postage
      Item Condition: Used - In good condition, first owner
      Reason for selling: Upgraded
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: I'm the original owner and it has been taken well care of. I've just noticed that there are some minor scratches on the face plate and I have prices accordingly. The DAC performs flawlessly, grab yourself a great DAC at a bargain  price.

    • By Cideburns
      Item: Rega RP8 TT
      Location: Brisbane, QLD
      Price: $2200 - firm
      Item Condition: Great used condition, Purchased May 2017
      Reason for selling: Funding other Hi-Fi purchase
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+ 3%)
      Extra Info:
      Relisted: was $2500 now $2200
      In great used condition, as pictured.
      I've been using this with my Rega Elicit-R and a Nag MP-500 cart and it sounds ace!
      I've had this since new, Purchased only in May 2017. I upgraded to this deck from a  Rega RP6 and I think it was a substantial upgrade.
      NO stylus/cart included.
      Although it is now boxed up securely in the original box and packaging, I would prefer local buyer/pick-up. Will consider posting (at buyers risk and cost)
      A couple of minor things worth noting:
      1. I think I mixed up the phono plug caps somewhere along the line when switching gear. So the screw-on connector caps (pictured below), I don't think they are the originals. They're gold/metal and look flash, yet they don't screw-on snugly, yet truly causes no issues in regards to making a secure connection to your amp or phono stage
      2. I noticed a couple of very minor 'blemishes' on the front edge of the lid when I was taking pictures. I've tried to capture them clearly in the attached pictures (for full disclosure). Hopefully like me, you will hardly notice them.
      3. There is some minor darkening/discolouration of the top metal brace, as occurs with all RP8/RP10s (as pictured)

      Action shot: (cart, LP and counterweight not included)

    • By aaleks
      Item: Rega P9 turntable in mint condition with RB1000 arm
      Location: Sydney, Carlton 2218 NSW
      Price: $3000
      Item Condition: excellent. Some minor scratching on the lid from careless wiping by people who simply don't understand
      Reason for selling: moving and can't take it with me
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Local pickup only. 
      Dynavector dv20x2h available for extra 500

    • By Woody4572
      Item:  Rega DAC
      Location: East Brisbane
      Price:  $655
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Bought brand new and used only a few times. I had the idea of setting this up to run digital streaming into a vintage system but have changed direction. It has been sitting boxed up for a while now so it needs to go to a new home!
      Excellent Condition.
      Comes with original box so shipping is possible.
      Toslink cable supplied as pictured.
      Thank you for your interest...


    • By dastinger
      Hello everyone!   I wouldn't be asking for help if I hadn't tried everything I could think of, but this is messing with my mind for some time now and I can't stop thinking about it, mainly because I either find a solution or I resign to listen to music with a background buzz. I also know there are tons of threads like this. Believe me, I read a lot of them and many of the things I tried were suggested on those exact threads. I also know that this could probably be fixed with a ground wire, but is taking the tonearm apart of a one month old turntable really the only option? Would it 100% fix it? I would like to avoid losing the warranty as much as possible.   (HUGE READ AHEAD)   I'll try to keep it as short as possible, but I don't want to miss any detail. I tried a mountain of things and still couldn't fix it, so I'm hoping some of the more experienced users here could chime in and discuss ideas/share how they solved issues like this one.   My system is not the best, mainly because I'm using a home theatre receiver, but this shouldn't happen nevertheless:   TT: Rega Planar 1 w/ Rega Carbon (1 month old) Receiver: Marantz SR-73 (early 90s) Speakers: B&W DM305 (mid 90s?)   First of all, I want to point out that I'm not sure if the issue was present since I acquired the Planar 1 or if it developed in the mean time. I honestly can't pinpoint when I noticed it, but it was maybe a week and a half ago.   The issue is fairly simple. I have a high pitched buzz that I can hear when the volume is at 25%+ which is not loud at all. I'm writing this post listening to music using this exact setup, directly below my son's bedroom, dial is precisely on the 25% position and you can't hear a sound upstairs. House does not have the best isolation either.   Anyway, the buzz is there and gets louder when I turn the volume up. It also gets louder when I position my hand next to the cartridge or the back tip of the tonearm. For the ones who don't know, Rega does not use an external grounding wire like most manufacturers. Now, here's what I tried doing:   Move the TT away from the amp. To the front, sides and back. As far as the wiring lets me; Disconnect any other piece of equipment from the receiver leaving only the speakers and the TT; Change speaker wire (the one I was using was crap, now I upgraded); Unplugged TT from power outlet; Changed power strip/plugged directly to the wall (receiver); Tried it with headphones; Tried it with different receivers; Moved rooms AND floors; Tried setting up the amp and turntable on different bases; Unplugged everything connected to a power outlet on the same room; Turned off the lights.   Nothing solved it. NOTHING. It didn't even make it better. And yes, the TT doesn't need to be powered (or the power cord connected) for the issue to arise. Also, the buzz is constant and does not happen on any other input.   Now, here's what helped a little bit:   If I plug a RCA -> Jack cable to my aluminum phone, the buzz is reduced a bit; If I plug the turntable power cord directly to the receiver (it has a power outlet on the back), the buzz is further reduced.   BUT, it is still there and it's annoying, mainly if I want to listen to music using headphones.   Now, this is where things get worse (I guess). A friend brought his Pioneer PL-100 and Pioneer vintage amp to my place and we set it up on the exact same location:   Rega connected to his amp -> Buzz Pioneer PL-100 connected to his amp -> No buzz   So, issue might be on the turntable or my place, right? OK, let's take the turntable and my amp to his place. Different house, different area of the city (~3 km away). We got there, connected everything up and, you guessed it, same exact buzz.   So, case solved, it's the turntable! Well, not quite. The hi-fi shop I bought it in is a few meters away from his place so we decided to go there. Once we got there, we connected my receiver, my turntable and my headphones. Guess what, not a sound. There was a bit of hum, but only when the volume was raised above 75%. And it was not the same type of sound. At my place (and my friend's), it's a high pitched hiss/buzz mixed with a low one. At the store, there was only the low one, which is not half as annoying. And only noticeable at 75%+ volume, which I'll probably never use.   Btw, the electrical installation at my place is 15 years old. His is a year and a half. Both are grounded as far as we know, we're in Europe in case that helps (not the UK).   This has got a lot bigger than I thought and I think every piece of information needed is there. What would you do? I can't enjoy listening to music and I don't want to throw the €270 spent on the Planar 1 down the gutter. I can't even use the warranty because they'd probably test it at Rega and say there's no issue, just like it happened at the store (I watched the test being done, I listened myself).   So, any ideas? I'm at a loss and I can't get my head off of this, I could use some help.