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Back in the Head-Fi game

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With the rise rise, and rise of computer audio I decided it was time to return to headphone listening.  I'd given up 3 odd years ago, having exhausted all of my CDs and my old and humble Sennheiser HD590s slowly wearing out.


Well I've rejoined this club and boy it's good to be back.  The HD590s went walkabout which I was initially dismayed about.  No biggie - cue eBay.  I'm now the proud owner of some HD560 Ovation IIs from 1993/94.  Mint condition, the previous owner had the pads replaced.  And they comprehensively tear strips off my previous pair.  Dare I say it these (with appropriate amplification) could easily keep pace with anything costing up to 500 bucks today.  They are gorgeously neutral, just letting the music waft through.  The soundstage is typical Sennheiser, deep and wide.  I don't know how else to describe the sound without being overly analytical with my language, because the 560s are anything but.  Warm but not lush or sticky, incredibly detailed without taking a surgeons scalpel to the recording, low bass extension without boom or thump?  


If I had to summarise, take your favourite recording that you know inside out back to front.  Give it the longest most thorough intricate buff and polish you thought possible.  Then sit back and enjoy :)  You just can't put a stereotype on the sonic signature, because there just isn't one. In a word: linear


If there's a caveat, they need a lot of juice.... I didn't think 300ohms would prove tricky to drive, although my old pair were less than half that at 120.  They're powered by an Audioquest Dragonfly V1.2, fed into a Perreaux SXH-1 Sillhouette class A.  Considering at some point upping the DAC to a red as the voltage is much higher.  Oh, and the source (before I hook them back up to my main Rotel setup) is Tidal HiFi Masters.


At the moment however - I is pig in detritus :cool:

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