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Krispy Audio

New Krispy Audio Store!!

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Outstanding...will come for a listen...now that I am a temp NSWelshman...

That reminds me...have a couple more cables to send for the Cam touch....

Don't want them returned Krispy thank you...

Now the proud owner of a (used) Esoteric amp...

So I guess I have joined the club...well sort of...

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On ‎13‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 1:21 PM, Krispy Audio said:

Located in Berowra NSW

Great spot, nice set-up there... will have to pop in sometime. :)


JSmith :ninja:

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Big thanks for the tunes and all the hospitality yesterday Cam... your new shop is looking and sounding amazing, just love it.


The Esoteric + Bespoke + 300B + OMA horns is OMAgawd good and same with your coffee. Just got the Genelecs powered up and all is sweet with the music... good luck with it all.

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On 13/01/2018 at 4:11 PM, firefly0071 said:

Show us the coffee machine!

Happily! Like the hifi system, my coffee setup is always evolving. Already got sights on another lever machine :) 


Behind the scenes is a Green Bean coffee roaster. I'm roasting single origin predominantly from Ethiopia, but will be adding some variety so I can offer anyone a selection of regions to select from. That brings me to the grinder...


I picked up a Mazzer Major which was ex-cafe. It hadn't been used in about a decade. It was in bad shape so I pulled it down. I thought whilst it was apart I may as well have it sandblasted and 2-pack painted (Holden Captiva pearlescent black). New burrs were installed. With my relatively low usage, grind retention was a concern so I replaced the doser with the funnel. I weigh the dose before grinding (hence the scales and test tube caddy), this way I can rotate beans and keep my doses fairly consistent. 


Machines - I alternate between the ECM Giotto and Elektra Micro Casa Leva. The ECM is great if I need to get through a few coffees quickly, but my heart belongs to the lever machine. Contemplating selling the ECM...


I like to use Reg Barber tampers and just ordered a naked portafilter for the Elektra. 


The coffee sack frames above are actually 50mm thick acoustic panels I framed with maple timber, so offer a dual purpose! 



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