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Red MacKay

FS: Stephens Trusonic 80 FR, 8" fullrange driver pair.

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Item:    Stephens Trusonic 80FR, 8" fullrange driver pair.
Location:   Box Hill South, VIC
Price:    $200
Item Condition:   Good for age, please look at pics
Reason for selling:   Part of the Krusty Clown estate, selling for his wife.
Payment Method:   Pickup - Cash, DD or Paypal to Friends

Extra Info:

These are quite rare and seldom seen...

I know very little about these drivers and so someone is likely to pick up a bargain here!


Please see complete T&S specs sheet in the pics.


94.39dB sensitivity.  Voicecoils are edgewound rectangular copper with a very light moving mass.

Vintage is around 1965 and they are made in the USA where they quite highly regarded.


The cones and spiders all look original and are in exceptional condition.  Look at pics. taken with my old 5S - just beautiful.  :wub:

One of the aluminium dustcaps has suffered some damage sometime, what a pity, but that will in no way affect the sound.


They have different labels but are the same driver.

The labels say they are both 16 ohms, but with my multimeter I measured 6.1 and 4.1 respectively -?


I hooked them into my system free air this arvo and they both sounded the same and both sounded fine.


When listening to some saxophone with them, their grab on resonations within the horn, tone, depth and immediacy was like - WOW!





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      They are in a diy folded horn - but they didn’t work with the time machine I have.

    • By Red MacKay
      Item:  LOWTHER PM4 fullrange drivers
      Location:  Box Hill South, VIC
      Price:   $1100
      Item Condition: used, see extra info
      Reason for selling:  more treasures from the Krusty Cave, selling on behalf of Russell Spokes wife
      Payment Method:  Cash, DD or Paypal to friends.  If required, postage at cost to buyer.
      Extra Info:
      These are part of Russell Spokes estate and I will be upfront and say I know very little about Lowthers!   (I love Tannoys.)
      I am presenting them here to you as I find them, but at a bargain price so they find a new home.
      Inspection by anyone interested in purchasing is most welcome.
      This pair has consecutive numbers and Russell has had them in his cupboard, hoarding them for many years.  (I never do such things! )
      Mohan (our local Lowther Overlord) informed me that one of the baskets has suffered damage on these units, though I cannot see which one or where!
      I also noticed a roll surround on one of the drivers has a slit in it.  So yes, they need attn.
      The enormous magnets look to be both fine.  This pair are also fitted with beautifully machined custom phase plugs crafted from solid brass!
      Extras included in this deal, are one set of original phase plugs, (the black ones,) and a set of broader ones, one white and one a wooden shade.
      Also extra stainless steel nuts and bolts and an original set of genuine Lowther stands.
      These drivers come in their original packing boxes and so can be posted just fine if boxed again, though of course local pickup much preferred.
      More info and specs here:-  http://www.lowtherloudspeakers.com/
      ...These have been sitting in my music room for over 6 months and I want my space back!

    • By Wombugger
      I have rebuilt a pair of 50L cabinets from an old HMV  Gramophone to Bass vented and installed the C2002 8" two way concentric from Altronics - at $29 each what have I got to lose?
      They sound remarkably good after running in for 20 hours but are limited to 15Khz
      Having Picked up a pair of Vifa D25AG-35-06's I want to add these to extend the top end.
      I am not going to put them in the cabinets but place them on top - these will be my rear surround speakers so I am not going crazy on them
      My question is - will they need an enclosure or will just a baffle suffice.
      The Vifa crossover recommended is at 3Kz with-12db slope

      Driver with some flashing tape to calm the pressed steel cage ringing

      $9.90 fpr a 30m role from Bunnings

      New front baffle with 75D x 80mm long port

      Interior reinforced with 18mm ply and wadding from the local fabric store glued in

      the original rear baffle with handgrip - how 70's

      New rear baffle of 15mm Marine ply and Altronics binding posts
    • By Kushanava
      I am looking to get some reviews of rethm saadhana v3 with the new Indian drivers..
      1.Rig Used (amplifier , source , cables)
      2.Comaprison with similarly  priced speakers [horn or multidriver or full range]
      3.What music is suited ?
      4.If any one has experience and can compare with their older version v2 with the  lowther
      5.Setup Challenges
      Looking forward for your views..as I am really eager on these speakers . but i am worried whether is would suite my current amp Sugden a21 se.