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FS: Antipodes Audio Reference Series flagship platinum/gold/silver XLR Interconnects 1.5m pair near new/mint

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Item: Antipodes  Audio Reference Series gold/silver/platinum  1.5 meter XLR interconnects late model near mint pair

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Price: $1200 plus shipping 
Item Condition: mint - a very good 9/10
Reason for selling: Replaced with Echole interconnects.
Payment Method:  Paypal or bank transfer

Extra Info: These  XLR interconnects are the highly regarded  andlatest model, top of the line Antipodes Audio XLR gold/silver alloy XLR

interconnects. They are a fantastic interconnect made in New Zealand by Antipodes Audio from their own custom alloy. The Reference

Series XLR interconnects is a  flexible , slinky cable and  they are a very useful 1.5 metrelength. Frequently 1.0 meter cables just are not

quite long enough.

These premium interconnects compare very favorably with the significantly more expensive Echole  Signature XLR's I am replacing

them with.


They are beautifully made and a pleasure to use due to their lightness and flexibility. They are perfect for applications where

there is restricted space that a make a more rigid cable difficult to use.


The European  RRP for a 1.5 meter pair of Reference XLR interconnects is Euro 3,500 which at today's exchange rate is over AU$5,200



Antipodes Audio Reference Interconnects structure

High purity, dead soft, long crystal, polished solid gold wire
High purity, dead soft, long crystal, polished solid silver wire with gold and platinum damping

Antipodal multi-gauge semi-litz

Natural unbleached cotton


Antipodes Audio

Distributor for Europe: ETALON ACOUSTICS Italia 
Prices in EURO 

Audio cables

(price in EURO for 1 m / price in EURO for each 0,5m added) 

KOKIRI digital cable: 550/200                                                                                            

KOMAKO signal cable: (RCA or XLR) 700/300 pair

REFERENCE signal cable: (RCA oppure XLR) 2.500/1000 pair
KOMAKO speakers cable: (spade or banana) 1000/400 pair

REFERENCE speakers cable: (spade or banana) 1.500/600 pair




IMG_3961.JPG.9c95f75dce248b68a6b678d52e6b8ce3.JPGIMG_3970.JPG.27493331693a90b22817e75082da70dc.JPGIMG_3966.JPG.7a0a2edf3e0fcb2bb4b23b5ae40b1166.JPGIMG_3969.JPG.5eb31bc4d4c9fdfeb51a054ab3b3c72c.JPGIMG_3966.JPG.7b088900836128d1531951a352ab7e43.JPG ,


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Very smartly priced leads. They certainly look to be in very smart condition.  Good luck with your sale.

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Thank you for your comment. They are an absolute bargain.

All the best,


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