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Marantz AV8805. Worth waiting for?

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1 minute ago, Perth.hifi said:
5 minutes ago, Sime V2 said:
[mention=142986]Perth.hifi[/mention] if your system isn’t already on the bright side, the 8805 won’t be an issue. The 8805 is far superior for 2ch over the 8801. 

Hi Sime, good time know. I'm running parasound amps, which play nice, in focal speakers which are someone's alittle harsh, but not with all music, it so comes down to the track being played and quality of the track. Thou looking at New speakers, but so far nothing has me to excited,

Yes, I do think it’s more to do with the music files than the pre. Apart from the cable fix I mentioned a second ago above, I’ll be getting a Chord Hugo M Scaler at some point, it’ll be interesting to see how digital files sound using that. 

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On 08/12/2018 at 2:58 AM, Sime V2 said:

Or it’s sinply a brighter pre than the 8801


I would not describe the 8805 sound as bright.  Far from it.  It does  change ( for the better) after a good run-in  and  people should remember that " mid-range compensation" will affect the sound too.  As with any pre/pro the " Cine -Equalisation" setting should also be tried.  This reduces the extra treble emphasis given to many movies so that the sound will hold up in large venues and pass through screens etc. 

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@Tasso my issue isn’t with movies at all, but music, but that’s getting better. 

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