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Chuango Self Monitored 3G Alarms - Any Experiences?

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I am contemplating an alarm system and these look interesting. My local security service shop only wants to sell me a back to base system, charging me over a $1000 for hardware plus $14 dollars a week monitoring fee to do what I can do with a mobile app for very little cost using a 3G system with an app ..............


What I am looking for is notifications and controllable (able to reset at a minimum) from an android phone without relying on the landline internet and WiFi and which has more noise and flashing lights than the average hoodie wearing, camera shy drongo can stand. Cameras are really not what I want due to having a larger cost for mobile data if live monitoring and checking if the alarm is triggered, and that the internet and notification system, if using the landline,  could be completely disabled by cutting my easily accessible phone line.



There is a bit about Chuango on Whirlpool and no real gripes that I can find except some things with multiple users access which don't really concern me ...........



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All alarms,  and I'll be surprised that the one you're looking at doesn't have it!  The monitoring back to base can be set up to dial any number, there is a setting for it.  I set mine up to dial my mobile or whatever number I like.  You can even set up to control individual sirens and flashers, provide individual codes upto a number so you can monitor who had access.

These days the cameras are wifi supported.  I've seen ones where you can control the camera where you can move it to aim at whatever directions you desire via the phone remotely.   I'm still using inferred because in those days cameras were expensive and you need a VHS to record or a computer!  These days there's a station that contains HDD,  wireless support and on a mobile data 3/4G.  Just be aware that 3/4G and Bluetooth can be jammed and be disrupted, but that will take organisation and preplaning! 

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