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The 2018 Hi-Fi Show (Melbourne)

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I hope to get to one of these soon - perhaps 2018.


Just a word of warning for any of those planning on visiting the show on the Sunday and intending to drive from the south-east of Melbourne.  Plan your trip carefully.  The Melbourne Marathon is on all Sunday morning 14 October 2018 (which involves dedicated use of St Kilda Road and also roads across to Albert Park/ St Kilda just south of the Junction Oval).


I suspect that you can get to Queensway via the tunnel near the Junction Oval, but that could be a very popular route from the Princes/Nepean Highway area despite being a Sunday morning.


Perhaps some SNA'ers will visit the show on Friday or Saturday, and then do one of the runs on Sunday morning (10 km, 21.1 km and 42.2 km options  :) )



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It seems you can't run any event in Melbourne any weekend of the year without clashing with some sort of sporting or political event!

This one took me by surprise.


I'm working with the organisers/Vicroads to get a clearer understanding of the road closures, but at worst, they will only affect St.Kilda Road Junction until 12PM on the Sunday. It appears Queens Road will remain open at all times. The Free Parking around the lake however will be affected Sunday morning.


As we get more accurate information I will update the HiFi Show website with more information.

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I wonder if the trams will be affected?

If not, grab one of them


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