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Uncle Seth

New(ish) country member

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Hey there, been lurking and posting a little, and liking a bit since I joined.

Great to read Ralph Waters post in the new member intro thread.

I hope to put together a great listening rig, although it seems there is not a lot of crossover between HT and Hi-Fi setups.

I've recently bought a few bits from members and am happy to take you all on this journey with me.

I started back in 1992 with a $2500 Sony surround setup from Audio Junction in The Junction (Newcastle), and changed amp to a Denon AV-1804. Then some Richter Emperors and bought (quite) a few vinyl records for the Sherwood turntable.

Also have a Yamaha entry level CD player that cost about $150 around 1990. Model CDX-450.

Obviously got some way to go, so bear with me...

Oh, and I make beer at home. So that helps me appreciate the music somewhat too.

My name is Les.

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morning /afternoon LES

I'm in the bush too 250k east of perth ,

no need for sound deadening or upsetting the neighbours here ,

enjoy your stay :)

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Hi Les 


Welcome aboard.  


Great to see more country members 





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Hey Les,
Great to meet you in person yesterday, small world!
As I mentioned our audio group meets at 2pm on the last Sunday of the month on rotation at various club members homes.
Pop me a PM with your email address so I can link you to the group.

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