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Denon 2017-2018 AV models

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I am looking forward to the new AVC X8500H....

Some info on the new flagship 8500:

No HDMI 2.1 when it is launched, so it remains to be seen if we will be fleeced again for the update...

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oh wow thats some amazing news from denon Pete. bang on 10 years looks like they will indeed deliver on follow up on their flagship A series launched 10 years ago ! 


I am now looking forward to news on the A series pre amp in the mighty AVPs replacement :) surely it must not be far away.


what is really interesting too is multi eq pro :) yeah great news thats being kept !!!


what they do say is hdmi 2.1 as an update. my bet like the marantz series ... it will just be provided :) great its there as an option.



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I was really keen on the SR 8012, but the fact that it only has HDMI 2.0b and won't be upgradable was a big minus.

The 8500 uses the same 4490 DAC as the 7200 whereas the 8012 uses the same 4458 from the earlier 7011 & 7010..

So the 8500 is akin to a 7200 on steroids plus two more channels, whilst the 8012 is a 7010 on steroids with two extra channels and a toroidal transformer.

Note that the 8012 has the same capacitance as the 7200, which drives nine channels only.

So I do not know how much of a powerhouse that 8012 will be..



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No radio though... the units are starting to arrive in Asia-Pac ... should I pick one up ... hmm.. 




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Pete out of curiosity what are the price for these in Singapore?

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SRP is S$6k... you might be able to knock a few hundred off... but I don't have the indicative price yet.. 

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Start watching around 10:00 for the AVC 8500 information.


Thick panels !

Copper plates around the power section.

Griffin Lite 32 bit DSP chips!

32 bit up-conversion:


Around the 25:00 it can consume 2800W to power all 13 channels ... :ohmy:

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I found a site in Japanese which confirms that the 8500 has the same capacitance as the 7200, but has to drive more channels:



The interior is a symmetrical design centered on a large EI transformer. This is a tradition after "POA - 3000" developed at the end of the 1970 's. The EI transformer has a core size of 111 mm, a stacking pressure of 90 mm, and a weight of 8.2 kg. The power supply part is also powerful, and it is possible to output 1557 W / 8 Ω by actual measurement when 13 ch simultaneous output is said. The block condenser is custom like the AVR - 7200 W, and it has a large capacity of 22000 uF.


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This website has plenty of info and pics..



The block condenser of the power supply section is equipped with two dedicated tuned 22,000 μF custom capacitors. It is said that it was able to realize sound with high power and stable power supply by the power unit composed of these, combined with low center of gravity and vividness.

Customized 22,000 μF capacitor dedicated to tuning
A total of 8 32-bit 2-channel DAC 'AK4490' mounted

D / A conversion is carried out by mounting a total of 8 32-bit 2 ch DAC chips of AKM Asahi Kasei Electronics (AKM) 'Ak 4490' Constitution. This D / A conversion circuit is mounted on a dedicated board, and independent from the video circuit and network circuit, eliminates mutual interference.
An independent D / A conversion circuit board

Moreover, by using dedicated board, the layout of D / A conversion circuit, signal line, power supply line is also optimized. Together with the selection of sound quality countermeasure parts and the redesign of the post lifter, it is said that DAC chip performance will be maximized. 

Refreshed design. Adopted 3 piece cover since AVC-A1HD Redesigned the

design as a new flagship. Keeping in mind the traditional tone, we pushed out the front part more and made it a solid design.

Adopted 3-piece cover consisting of top panel, left and right side panels

For the cabinet, we adopted a three-piece top cover that uses aluminum side covers since AVC-A1HD. The ventilation (ventilation hole) applied to the cover is also optimized considering the resonance. 

For the chassis, a 1.2 mm thick steel plate was used for the bottom chassis, a 1.2 mm thick bottom plate and a 1.2 mm thick transformer plate were added to make a total 3.6 mm thick triple layered chassis. This ensures high chassis rigidity and vibration resistance.
Triple layered chassis with total thickness of 3.6 mm is adopted

Besides that, as an AV amplifier, it is also sticking to the rigidity and design of the cabinet, such as "8mm thick aluminum trap door", "Mr. Miyahara is thicker than anywhere", inside the spin finish panel, original screws. 

The speaker terminal also changed to the latest terminal adopted from AVR-X6400H. In the past, the grounding part, which was made up of two metal parts, was made up of one metal part. In addition to increasing the stability and durability of the connection, it also contributes to improving sound quality as a result. 

It was also appealing that this machine was consistently produced at its own factory in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, under strict quality control. 



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Marantz SR 8012

Denon AVC X8500H


DSP chipset

ADSP 21487 (4)

ADSP 21537 (2)

aka Griffin Lite


11 channels

13 channels



? 44 000uf

44 000uF


Processing capability














Triple layer

Denon – hand built in small batches


17.4 kg



Sound enhancements

HDAM modules

DDSC AL32 processing




2.1 (via an upgrade)



AKM 4458VN

AKM 4490EQ (one per channel)


Power consumption




Audyssey APP support


Paid extra

Paid extra


RC 5 trigger

Activates other Marantz products




Backlight button

Motion sensor backlight








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pete...all this tells me just one thing


many people have said the A line is dead....


well I think the above shows the A line is back :D 


are we back to the days of the denon A lines leading the D&M lines ? well in receiver stakes it seems to be


I cant wait to see if there will be a return of the mighty A line pre pro ! ...  TRUE FLAGSHIP ! 

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It's a bit hard.. because of the price and how fast things move..

The older models had a lot of cooling fins - hence the weight.. these days, the fans take heat off, literally.. and here, a few kilos might come from those reinforced plate, and the capacitance is a lot lower than before...

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