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Guest Sally Dib Chantery

Soniq Tv - can’t change Netflix users

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Guest Sally Dib Chantery

Hi all 


we got a soniq smart Tv and I have downloaded Netflix on there but I can’t change the users unless I lodge out and then lodge back in.

i can’t even search a movie or tv show 



please help me 

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4 hours ago, Sally Dib Chantery said:

Hi all 


we got a soniq smart Tv and I have downloaded Netflix on there but I can’t change the users unless I lodge out and then lodge back in.

i can’t even search a movie or tv show 



please help me 

I would take it back to JB.

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    • By Arry74
      Don't know how to explain this but here goes.
      I have an Anthem 720 together with 7.1 speakers plus a Panasonic TV plus just purchased an Apple 4K TV device.
      Netflix via the TV and the Anthem the sound is awesome, and when I press the mode button it says it is playing in surround sound.
      Netflix via the Apple 4K TV it says Dolby Atmos but the sound is no where as good. It stutters and sounds awful and you have to turn the volume up so much to get anywhere close to the same via Netflix on my TV.
      Any ideas what this could be?
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      Item: XBOX ONE S 500 GB with Forza 3 horizon
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      Price: 329 (Neg)
      Item Condition: New,  unopened
      Reason for selling: Don't have use for it
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      Brand new xbox one S game console, it can be used as a media center. 4K output and also is a blue ray player.
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    • By RTR001
      Hi guys,
      I'm curious if anyone else has issues with Netflix 5.1 dialog levels? Basically in order to actually hear the dialog I have to crank it so loud that every bang, clang or crash leaves us bleeding from the ears. I know this is a fairly common problem in itself but for us its only Netflix that I have this problem with as all other sources including other streaming services are perfect. We stream our stuff via a newer Chromecast and system wise I'm running a 7.1 setup via a Marantz SR6006. Speakers are a combination of Paradigm Monitor 11's (including center) up front and little B&W 601 S3's for surrounds. It's all a few years old but it can certainly handle Dobly Digital Plus which is what Netflix content is supposed to stream in (the amp does support and recognise it as DD+)
      I've tried this on my back room setup too and I have the same problem.  I also tried it on a spare Onkyo amp and again the same problem. I also tried another generation of the Chromecast and again the same problem. The Audyssey Dynamic Volume settings on the Onkyo and Marantz seem to be the only thing to reign it all in it but that is just compressing the dynamic range which I really shouldn't have to do. Pushing the center channel throws it out of whack for all other sources so thats not really an option.
      It's been driving me nuts for nearly 12 months as most of our casual/daily viewing is Netflix. My Mrs is happy with the dynamic audio setting on high and I find it tolerable enough for casual viewing BUT it's not right if you know what I mean. I can find a few other reports of similar issues via a google search but not many and it's mostly people trying to down-mix 5.1 to their soundbars etc.
      Is it just me???
    • By MediatekCVSS
      Hey Folks,
      I have noticed some really poor audio quality coming from Netflix lately. Especially during Netflix Original shows.
      When a show or movie is playing in surround sound, I hear very obvious squelching when there is dialogue taking place.
      Anyone that is familiar with the old days of MP3 encoding etc, would probably have heard this kind of compression issue before.
      It sort of sounds like a high pitched underwater noise.
      Ive scoured the net trying to find a solution and the best Ive found is "turn off surround sound". Which is not a fix, but an avoid.
      Anyone experiencing similar issues on their setup?

      Im running a Xiaomi Mi Tv Android 6 Smart Player to a Denon 3312Ci and on to Kef T301 fronts and Kef T101 centre.
      Cheers in advance!
    • By Will Graham
      With Netflix finally starting in Australia at the end of March, does anyone know if the embedded Oppo Netflix app will work with it?
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