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A look inside the Stax DA50 Monos

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Great construction . Mint  DA50  class A Mono blocs .




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Havent hooked them up yet .

    I will be setting up  a second system with these  , a second Stax CA-X   preamp  and probably the Garrard 301 ,and a Marantz cd94 mk2   .

     I also have the bigger version of these ,the Stax DA100m  . 

    They sound excellent with a couple of minor tweaks . I have read  the DA50s are a bit sweeter . They look to have a few  circuit refinements over the DA100  but not expected to have the overall grunt .


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 I Have moved on  a bit since these posts . 

  Once i hooked  the amps up stock i have to say i was underwhelmed . 

   Unfortunately I was remembering the sound of my da100 that were well modified with top shelf caps . Over the last year various caps were tried in different positions . Auricap bypasses added  , silmic 2 decoupling caps installed . 

    Much better  but still not there . 

  Jupiter copper foils to input filtering ,   better again . I then modified  the filtering to a simpler filter . 

   Too long winded for this post why i did this . 

   Now really getting somewhere . 

   Now the jupiters are replaced  with the Toichi T-cap copper foil polypropylene  from Japan . 

  These are fantastic . They will be staying now . 

   After all that  i have to say these amps  sound phenomenal in every area you can think of with the exception of pure power output .  They are only 50 w after all but up to that limit its as pure ,sweet  and dynamic as can be . And detail to die for . 

   Here is a pic of the Toichies installed .  2086470611_2018-05-2012_33_50.jpg.76e2cf72946adfce5f7fc16bd0873888.jpg20190107_170353-1.thumb.jpg.b8cd9864e3a79fd81d3e7966a4fcf2f0.jpg


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