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DIY Night

8pm Wednesday 13th December, visitors welcome.

Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices
Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading
Melway Map 48 Ref G9
Contact: 9437 1249


It's that time of year again when the DIY group get to show off their Hi Fi projects at the December General Meeting. It looks like another busy year for the group as they have managed to put together three systems for the night's presentation.


This year we are lucky to have a wide range of equipment on show, everything from vinyl to a music server, and both Class-D and Valve amplification. The Audio Action group will be demonstrating their finished project, a Phono Preamp designed and built by a team of MAC members.


The first system will be playing music from a DIY "Raspberry Pi" music server. Based on a low cost but very powerful computer board aimed at the educational department. This same system will feature a 250W Class D amplifier powering a pair of 2-way stand mount speakers.


The second system will showcase the MAC Phono Preamp, designed with two 'best in class' head-stage amplifiers, one for MC and one for MM cartridges. The rest of the system will have an opamp based preamp running into another Class-D power amp. A pair of 3-way speakers with American 12" bass drivers, Scandinavian 5"mid's and 'Raal' ribbon tweeters, will be providing the sound for the night.


The final system will feature a valve amplifier with a modest 15 Watts. The design is a hybrid of Dynaudio ST70 and Alan Wright's ideas using EL34's in ultra-linear mode. The amp will be partnered with equipment from the other two systems.


As in previous years, each system will be allotted 30 minutes. Each presenter will get to explain their gear as well as play some music. This should see us finish the session by 10:00pm, allowing the members on the night to hear all the systems. Its going to be a cracker of a night.




Nick Karayanis

Program Co-ordinator


Ken Tripp
Wise and Wonderful Webmaster
Melbourne Audio Club, Inc.


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    • By mattcalf
      Price: $500 Item Condition: DIY/Used, as is, will demonstrate functionality prior to purchase. Shipping Options: Pickup is available Suburb or Town: Melbourne State: Victoria Payment Method: Cash on pickup Reason for selling: Like many of you I have a passion for building things but by the time I finish the end product doesn't fit in with my living circumstances - surprisingly a 15" subwoofer with 3000w of power isn't appropriate for living in an inner city apartment. Further information: 
      For sale is my custom built 15" Transflex subwoofer (https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/subwoofers/259509-sub-design-constricted-transflex-simple-build-series-tuned-6th-202.html#post5117336 - my build information starting at linked post and continuing over next few page). Driver is a Lab Eminence 15" 4ohm woofer, box is built from premium 12mm Russian birch ply and is tuned to 33Hz. This thing is huge and heavy, as such I am hoping to sell locally - outrageously deep, fast and sounds great at low volumes. Will just about pop a lung when cranked. Included is an appropriate amplifier for the sub - Behringer inuke NU3000. Selling as we have a newborn baby next door. Please PM with any questions. Attached are design plans and predicted frequency response. I am the builder and the only owner, more pictures of build process and driver specs PDF available on request.
      Item: Lab 15" 4 ohm special run transflex subwoofer + inuke nu3000 (both included in price)
      I'd prefer to sell all together at this stage, but if it's not moving I might consider selling stuff separately.
      Would be interested in a trade for Reloop RP7000mk2 or Technics 1200 (plus cash on my end).
      Should I sell anything, I will make a donation to SNA. I have extensive head-fi and ebay feedback if you'd like to see.

    • By krakatana
      Item: RJM Audio VSPS Moving Magnet DIY Phono Stage
      Location: Perth
      Price: Withdrawn from sale
      Item Condition: Working perfectly, some scratches on cases
      Reason for selling: Now using MC
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Excellent sounding phono, used for six months, built about two years ago. The cases are thin Aluminium, but have brass or Titanium plates at connector points.
      Materials used: RJM VSPS and Dual-Bridge Rectifier kits, Dueland wiring for signal paths, Arizona Blue Cactus 2.2uF 200VDC output capacitors (with bypass caps), Altronics transformer, Furutech Rhodium FI-03 IEC inlet with fuse, 2 x Aluminium cases, Stillpoint ERS tape around power cable (light blue) in phono case, Gold coated pure Copper RCA plugs, 2 cm slate pieces under circuit boards and transformer, brass (front) and Titanium plates (rear). Well over $200 of materials used.
      This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use.

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By ArthurDent
      Members Request Night

      7:45pm Wednesday 15th January

      Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices
      Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading
      Melway Map 48 Ref G9
      Contact: 9437 1249
      This month's meeting will be a members request with club members providing the musical program. MAC members are invited to bring along a CD with a favourite piece of music that would appeal to the group. This could be something from their "desert island disc" selection or a recent purchase.
      On entry, each member with a CD will be given a slip of paper to write their name on. A table next to the door will have three containers marked: Classical, Jazz and Other. Please put the slip of paper into the appropriate container. When your name is pulled out, you will be offered the opportunity to play your music.
      This time, I will allow members to bring a CD for each container. To ensure that as many members as possible can participate, the maximum time for each track will be no more than 5 Minutes. This should get us through plenty of CD's before the coffee break.
      The equipment for the night will be a collaboration between myself and your club president. Martin will bring along his 3-way speakers, based on a 10 inch "Peerless" in a bass reflex enclosure and a 4 inch "Scan Speak" mid with a matching Ribbon tweeter. His speakers have received a lot of positive remarks from club members at previous meetings.
      Completing the rest of the system will be an OPPO 95 Multi Disc player as the transport, with a CHORD QUTEST DAC. The amplifier will be my 100 watt unit based on a NAIM kit with a high current output stage. This would be a good night for new members as well as the regulars to discover some new music. There's more to HiFi than just the equipment.   
      Nick Karayanis, Program Co-Ordinator.
      Ken Tripp
      Wise and Wonderful Webmaster
      Melbourne Audio Club, Inc.

    • By ArthurDent
      Annual DIY-ers

      7:45pm Wednesday 11th December

      Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices
      Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading
      Melway Map 48 Ref G9
      Contact: 9437 1249
      It's that time of the year again when the DIY members get to show off their Hi-Fi projects at the December General Meeting. This year we have two distinct systems to listen to, one based around a full range speaker and the other a conventional 3way box design.
      Our first system is a 'one man band' of DIY projects. Mark H has been busy over the year building a number of electronic components. Starting off with the front end, a 'Raspberry Pi' music server running into a homemade DAC, using the AK4497EQ DXD chip. The Grand Fidelity tube preamp in a SRPP (active load), takes care of the analogue signal with its pair of gorgeous looking 6SN7 sphere valves.
      The amplifier of choice for the night will be his 180 Watt compact Tripath Class D power amp in a retro looking wood Cheek enclosure. The speakers are also built by Mark, using a single full-range driver the 'Mark Audio' 12P (8") in a slimline mini tower enclosure. With an efficiency of 92dB, these speakers should easily fill the Willis room with plenty of sound.
      Our second system for the night is based around the classic looking JBL L 100's. With a 12inch base driver in a sealed box, the speaker comprises of a 4inch Aluminium Midrange from SB Acoustics and a 1inch fabric dome tweeter. All mitre cuts and routering was professionally done to pre finished boards. The idea being, something easy to put together, and no complicated or expensive finishing process.
      The speakers will be driven with another Class D power amp based on the 100W Sure Electronics module, with a valve pre amp using a pair of 6j1's. Is there a theme here?
      Source material for the night will be from a SACD player. Each system will have an allotted time of 45minutes, to give each presenter plenty of time to explain their gear as well as play some music. Looks like we will have an interesting evening.
      Nick Karayanis, Program Co-Ordinator.
      Ken Tripp
      Wise and Wonderful Webmaster
      Melbourne Audio Club, Inc.

    • By daro
      Item: 2 x Toroidal Transformers 160VA 2x20V Audio Grade
      Location: Sydney, Lindfield
      Price: SOLD
      Item Condition: Made in 2013 but never used, mint
      Reason for selling: Abandoned DIY project
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info:
      I have for sale a pair of Toroidal Transformers. They are 160VA, 2 x 20V each. Made by Toroidy, great Polish manufacturer of high quality audio grade transformers. 
      Selling both matched transformers together, so the price is for the pair. They could be perfect for a dual-mono or two monoblock amplifiers. 
      I bought the transformers 6 years ago, for my DIY amp that I never finished. I did not even put those transformers in. Stored them packed in the box. So these are pretty much brand new.
      I did not have time to finish that project and do not need those two any more, so the sale. 
      Some of the characteristics of the Audio Grade transformers by Toroidy:
      - additional magnetic and electrostatic screening
      - epoxy filled centre with M6 clearance hole in a potted centre for mounting
      - gum pads to eliminate transmission of vibrations
      - impregnated core and the windings
      - covered with a black Mylar tape
      - production process scrupulously controlled at every step
      - quiet performance and the highest electrical parameters
      - flex leads
      - GOSS band
      On top of that, my order had a couple of custom modifications:
      - doubled diameter of secondary windings
      - primary winded on secondaries
      Primary: 0-230V @ 50Hz 
      Secondaries: 20-0-20V
      Estimated dimensions:  105mm diameter x 50mm high (plus 10-20mm for leadouts) 
      Mounting: M6 clearance hole in a potted centre
      Leadouts: approx. 110mm long flexible (stranded)
      Weight: approx. 1.35kg each
      I’m happy to post anywhere in Australia. Pickup available from Lindfield (2070).







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