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Renew old Rg59 air spaced with RG6 - Cable pulling

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Problem: 20 year old RG59 air spaced cable run through 15mm ID (about) conduit in next door unit APPEARS "stuck". In my unit I was able to remove mine and replace with RG6 using cable lubricant without any problems.  Probably 2 x 90 degree bends as conduits are set in concrete floor - down - 90 - along - 90 - up. Total length along about 7 metres, ups about 80 cm each.

Questions: 1. How much "pull" can you apply to the RG59 before it will break?

                    2. Any tips on how to make the old cable come out more easily?


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Is it possible to "snake" the conduit with a cable snake?  If it is set in concrete it is a possibility that the conduit has been damaged in the concrete pour if the cable had been pre-installed prior to the pour.  If so the cable may have become cemented into the conduit.  :( Alternatively, if the conduit was correctly assembled with PVC pipe glue, some of the glue may have adhered to the sheath of the RG59 cable.  :( 

The only suggestion as it sounds like the intent is to replace the old RG59 with solid core RG6 is to secure a drawstring to both ends of the cable and attempt to remove it.  If the cable snaps you can at least attempt to remove both halves of the cable from either end.  


Considering that the existing bends are 90 degrees in the conduit of only 15mm internal diameter, I would not recommend trying to haul RG6 through this conduit as it will result in too small a bending radius for this cable.  Cabling too tight a bend will create an impedance anomaly in the cable which may have an adverse impact on the transmission line.  However as the total run is less than 10 metres you've got nothing to lose except the small cost of the cable, 2 x F connectors and your time if it doesn't work.  I can only assume that the reason why you want to replace the existing RG59 is that digital reception is suffering?


Max. Recommended Pulling Tension (N):  RG59 = 350;  RG6 = 560
Min. Bend Radius Install (mm)  RG59 = 60;  RG6 = 68


Alan R.



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If this conduit is not replaceable and inside the concrete, you might like to think twice about pulling new cable through it.

Normally RG59 compared to RG6 coaxial cable can be no problem so long as you have a decent signal, you would like to find out what may be causing your TV reception issue first such as the amount of signal being received at the TV Antenna outside

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