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FS: Chord Mojo

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Item: Chord Mojo
Location: Glen Waverley, Victoria
Price: $495
Item Condition: Functionality: Perfect  Cosmetically: Average. Has a quite few scratches and scuffs
Reason for selling: No longer used
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: Sounds fantastic. If you want it cosmetically like new, look elsewhere. If you want the sweet sound of the Mojo at a great price. Here it is. 




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I never understood why anyone would pay thousands for a proprietary portable player with an off the shelf chipset when the Mojo offers an incredible bespoke custom FPGA DAC at its normal list price. And an amazing bargain at this price.

Just hook up a phone as a source and you are sorted for on the road use where ambient noise and the use of closed cans mean you can’t appreciate the loss of quality due to the phone interface anyway.

Get back home and plug it into an optimized music server and a good set of open cans and you are using it at its best fidelity.

Or get a Poly (when they’ve sorted out the app if you aren’t into tweaking) for the best of both worlds.

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      Item: The Chord Company Rumour Bi-Wiring / Bi-Amping speaker cables, 3-metre pair
      Location: VIC 3212
      Price: $250,-
      Item Condition: Used great condition
      Reason for selling: No longer required (sold the speakers earlier)
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3%, EFTPOS
      Extra Info: The Bi-Amping / Bi- Wiring version of the long-running Rumour speaker cable made by The Chord Company. PTFE (teflon) insulation, PVC jacket, dual twisted pair configuration, oxygen-free copper (OFC) with silver plating conductors. About seven years old, come with eight gold-plated banana plugs. Will post at buyers expense, or could arrange a drop-off in Geelong area or western suburbs of Melbourne.


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      Item: Chord Odyssey Speaker Cable, 2 x 8m runs
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      Item: Chord 2Qute DAC - Black Casing
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      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:  This is effectively a brand new DAC - literally picked up last week and has spent only a few hours out of its box.  I have been tossing up between separate versus integrated components as I downsize  -- and have finally decided on integrated, so this is no longer needed.  That said, from the brief time I spent listening to it it lived up to expectations.  Plenty of glowing reviews online about this delightful DAC, including 5 stars from What HiFi.  Basically same as the Hugo 2 but without the headphone amp. 
      Naturally comes in original packaging, power supply, leads, instructions etc. as new.

    • By atsq
      Item: Chord Hugo 2 Black with Curious Hugo Link USB Cable (extra)
      Location: Glen Waverley, Victoria
      Price: $2950 $2695 (RRP: $3700). Curious Hugo Link USB Cable (worth $176 before shipping) add $120
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: No longer needed/used
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Awesome DAC with an amazing sounding headphone out. Only a few months old. Barely used. In near perfect condition. None of the included accessories have been opened or used. I used my own micro USB cable for power and the Curious Hugo Link for data. The accessories are still packaged as new. 
      Curious Hugo Link Cable is excellent and brings out the best in the Hugo 2. 
      The headlines of the reviews say it all. 2017 Award Winner. Ruler of Sound. The New Master. One review is by SNA member John Darko. Read them here:


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      Location: Williamstown, Victoria
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      Item Condition: Good
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      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info: Cables are sold pending receipt of payment
      These cables are the kind of speaker cables you have when you do your first serious upgrade. 
      These speaker cables are best summed up as being musical without being noticeably 'hi-fi'. There is no sheen or edge to this cable, rather it has a relaxed quality, with a full and solid bass, but not so full it sounds anything less than well controlled. By the same token, it is a detailed-sounding cable, but not in the hyper-analytical sense in which the term is often used for some high-end cables. It's not the sort of cable to startle you in any particular way; it's just always a pleasure to listen to.
      HiFi Choice loved them...
      "As a result, I am rewarded with a sound from my system that feels open and effortless. In particular, vocals seem to have more detail and all the nuances of expression (including the odd intake of breath) are very evident. Bass is really well controlled and tight, while timing is excellent. To sum up these cables in one word, they are ‘musical’. In short, they are quite simply a superb sounding set of speaker cables."
      (See attached PDF article)
      You can buy them now for $1100:
      Donation to SNA on successful sale.